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    Mail Server Blacklisted?

    Hello all. A client of ours has recently had trouble sending emails to a few clients of theirs, the IT department of one of their clients sent this error message that they received: Quarantine log entry is shown below: "03/18/14 14:07:22","IP DNS Blocklist","xxx[at]capecodfishermen.org<mailto:xxx[at]capecodfishermen.org>","xxx[at]archipelago.ca<mailto:xxx[at]archipelago.ca>","RE: xxx","Quarantined","Sending mail server found on bl.spamcop.net","<617EB773D2C5694781BF4AD79E28197AC68E4EF9FE[at]SERVER.ccchfa.local<mailto:617EB773D2C5694781BF4AD79E28197AC68E4EF9FE[at]SERVER.ccchfa.local>>" I've already searched to see if the IP address of their company is only any black list via mxtoolbox and spamcop, no results have been detected. Please advise, it looks as thought he mail server itself is getting blocked by its name or something.
  2. SecureNetworks

    Mail Server Blacklisted?

    Hi, They do have their own mail server, but mail is also routed through a third party spam filtering service. I just sent a message from the client to myself, and the IP it was routing from was, the company is Reflexion.net, and their hostname is asp.reflexion.net. I checked the above against both SpamCops' and MXToolbox's blacklist check, and they came back clear. But I am assuming a company like that would get themselves off a BL ASAP.
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    Mail Server Blacklisted?

    Correct, this is from the recipient's IT department. Here is our client's IP address if this helps at all: