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    [Resolved] Blocked on Just Host

    Thanks so much Petzl!
  2. Hi guys, I've read the FAQ and a lot of posts on the forums. I am just wondering if there is an easy way to see if my email has been compromised, or if the person responsible is just using Just Host as well? Is there an easy way to do that? Here is what I got from their website: listed in bl.spamcop.net ( If there are no reports of ongoing objectionable email from this system it will be delisted automatically in approximately 20 hours. Causes of listing System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop) SpamCop users have reported system as a source of spam less than 10 times in the past week Additional potential problems (these factors do not directly result in spamcop listing) Too many delisting requests were made. Next request might be allowed after 2.6 days Because of the above problems, express-delisting is not available Listing History In the past 4.4 days, it has been listed 4 times for a total of 2.2 days I'm obviously not spaming anyone, or sending out large amounts of emails. Would love to get some advice from people on here, about the best thing to do to stop this from happening in the future. As I mentioned I'm using Just Host. Cheers D