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  1. christian.delen

    Forwards not working

    I have set an forwarding address in http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=wizard&stage=1 but e-mails are still not forwarded. I set it before September 30 and I have set it again now. Any ideas what to do? Will the e-mails be lost forever or might spamcop store them somehow?
  2. christian.delen

    Email account expired; NO warning

    I had the same experience this year. I did not receive any warnings and my account was locked as I did not realize it was expiring. Additionally, as soon the account was locked I discovered that my e-mail clients could not log in. But to discover the cause of the problem (the expiration), I needed to try to log in to webmail. Nowhere else hte expiration was mentioned, when I unsuccessfully tried to log in to the report tools for instance. No e-mails has reached my inbox during the locked days. Is there any way to receive those that most probably came (May 16–19)?