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    SpamCop email security

    So if it used https, would that be better ?
  2. michaelanglo

    More spam from "real" comanies?

    Do we have data on how many "PC installations" have Outlook ? ISTR that 60 % have Word. I only have Windows Live Mail client which is a descendant of Outlook Express.
  3. michaelanglo

    lots of spam from me.uk

    I suggest the old "how I use Spamcop" threads Some scammers have to use a plausible address (though I cherish from: paypal.con rather than paypal.com) so blacklisting these may be worth the trouble. I also have various countries blacklisted such as BR and some "straight-up" spam origin addresses.
  4. michaelanglo

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Spamcop Mail always offered cqmail.net (and also cesmail.net ?) as an alternative.
  5. Yes. Under filters I think "never mark as spam"
  6. michaelanglo

    Email address blocked

    Being a paid spamcop user I can see reports for that IP address http://mailsc.spamcop.net/sc?track= and click on past reports Submitted: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 15:12:03 UTC: {subject} Bring unearthly pleasure with miraculous remedy! Safe anonymous shop! So some spam anyway. That addie is not in the Spamcop BL but other Virgin media are http://www.senderbase.org/senderbase_queri...ing= Example
  7. michaelanglo

    Reporting forwarded emails from colleagues

    Yep, but unless the colleague does a Forward with attachment or their client manages not to break the Received chain on a forward Spamcop won't be able to report usefully.
  8. michaelanglo

    Need a good mail host

    Do you have a cite that Google do anything but send to the spam folder (and you can stop that) ?
  9. michaelanglo

    wireless routers???

    Doesn't your broadband supplier offer a plug & play modem and router ? In the UK PlusNet sent me a Technicolour TG582n 4 Port Wireless Router which has worked fine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpeedTouch http://www.amazon.co.uk/Technicolour-TG582...r/dp/B005ELFTH4
  10. What method are you using ? Quick reporting from VER or SC webmail should be as fast as you can click.
  11. michaelanglo


    Actually it can be cheaper than calling a UK number. http://www.niftylist.co.uk/calls/to/usa/landline/ These are dial-through number at the prompt dial the international number starting 00 and then #.
  12. michaelanglo

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    Can't see any such cause, just SA and CBL. Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5552485673z7...62fcfd21c6886az This has "Blocked Russian" as expected
  13. michaelanglo

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    No, it just means Spamcop mail detected Koi8-r in the header. Thus even a Pop'd email can be blocked. (My file notes from 2008).
  14. michaelanglo

    PIN number analysis

    As usual with standards Lowest wins - if your issuer lets you have a long PIN the card works locally only I was surprised that 1066, 1492, 1776, 1805 didn't rank higher.
  15. Held mail is automatically discarded after 7 days. I didn't know. Not in help nor yet configurable I suspect. Happy New Yesr.
  16. I use filters in webmail but certain things I couldn't get to work or not reliably. I certainly never got Regex to work Look at all posts by me. I gave up once I has a workaround (2007 or so) The webmail system is Horde so a google for other users seeing this priblem on other systems or on the base Horde site may be useful. From the Help There are a few different types of comparisons that can be performed. The comparisons available for any given field will depend on both the type of the field and what the underlying filtering software can handle. Thus, all potential matching options listed below may not appear for a given field. ==
  17. One possibility (if the mail is direct to your Spamcop mail addie) is that you have greylisting switched on and the linkedin mail server can't handle the retries. Try putting linkedin.com (I suppose) in your personal whitelist
  18. I'm a paying member and found http://mailsc.spamcop.net/sc?track= (report sent to abuse[at]inmotionhosting.com ) Submitted: Thu Apr 26 16:35:07 2012 GMT : Your friend KARMA has recommended this great product from Cable Ties and More Try if you can find that Subject in your mail log
  19. michaelanglo

    Blank spams in Held Email

    As I noted and the OP complained, VER Preview doesn't work here "error:Cannot find 173112" IIRC SC webmail view original does work as does POP and these minimalist emails do turn out to have Received: header lines.
  20. michaelanglo

    Blank spams in Held Email

    Yes, but as the OP said "error:Cannot find 173112" , VER preview doesn't work for a sufficiently defective email. IIRC either From or Subject missing. you have to view it from webmail plus the parse insists on a basic minimum of header fields. This has been discussed wrt the reporting RULEZs - it isn't allowed to send a report having added Subject: blank to get the parser to work. In the past these have been due to a damaged spam emitter and all had a message-id with a "[".
  21. What appears to be going on is that all the queries appear to Google to be coming from the same address. In a completely different context I got a similar message when doing a google from my Kindle's browser over 3G. I assume all such from any Kindle look as if due to Amazon's internet proxy server. So a work around is to do an ordinary google [ -search text- site:spamcop.net]
  22. michaelanglo

    ***Email **** Important Update

    Yes, even VER wasn't working quite right (no deletes of reported spam) until I logged on to webmail and did it directly where it announced " Trash folder successfully created". And POP "leave on server" didn't work for new mail so my Inbox is empty
  23. michaelanglo

    the value of reporting v. hindering reporting

    YMMV. As noted getting a mailing extensively reported as spam does happen, eg when it happens only once a year. One server admin reported here that paid for mailing lists were sometimes so reported. One mailing list had to go to the /one email per user/ Mailman option so they could tell which clueless listee has reported them to AOL this time.
  24. Indeed, but some caching is still a good idea since getting hundreds of emails from the same server IP-address in a few minutes is quite likely. Perhaps 30 seconds rather than 300 though.
  25. michaelanglo

    Obtaining Raw Source

    This is certainly possible, the first example I ever saw being a newsletter sent to all ISP subscribers which had no "Received:" lines at all and had evidently been copied directly by the ISP techs rather than sent as an email. I suppose that some ISP email configurations may be so simple that there is not even "internal routing" lines for a email from another customer to you. Ask your ISP how it came to be ?