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  1. 19 hours ago, petzl said:

    After 12 months Fastmail has turned to crap, won't save sent emails and can't see original when "forwarding as attachment" makes it useless to me

    Really? Works fine for me. The Sent folder is good and email attachments sent to the Spamcop report addie can be viewed.


    I have so far found their support pretty good.


    Why 12 months? Haven't you been using it since  Corporate Email Services (CESmail) ceased  operations on September 30, 2014

  2. 20 hours ago, petzl said:

    AFAIK Gmail just sort spam not block it??

    It used to and you can define a "never send to spam" filter and get the email list posts from Yahoo users

    but NOT aol.com any more in ordinary free Gmail (some folk report that some business versions of Gmail don't have this problem),

    Gmail take DMARC seriously and so the Lois McMaster Bujold (Mailman) list and email from Baen's Bar have some user posts missing if you read them with Gmail.

  3. On ‎27‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 11:46 PM, petzl said:

    Gmail use their own spam sorting methods they do not block spam you can add "email addies" to block


    If you get too much spam they do block you

    Is that link useful?

    admin.google.com is for G Suite accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to admin.google.com


    And spam can be blocked

    A message from an approved sender will still be blocked if directed to do so by the sender's Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) policy.


    Hence all users of a mailing list who post using AoL.com addresses will be invisible to Gmail users.



  4. On ‎09‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 0:19 AM, hank said:

    Sigh.  Now a new one has gotten past Google and is getting forwarded from my-userid@spamcop by the dozens per hour.

    Mostly ending up in my ISP's graymail folder, fortunately.


    " a massive spam Email campaign has recently gone viral after effectively bypassing the Gmail anti-spam algorithm ..."



    I do point out that this was MARCH 2017.


    The botnet that does the Qtum 'main network' is NOW so maybe just the text was stolen

  5. Yes, Fastmail spam filter is fine.


    However the report by email gets hung up by Spamcop

    Bounce error
    Your email address, whatever@example.com has returned a bounce:
    Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
    Reason: 5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) 'timeout'
    Please ensure your email account is reliable, then click below: 


    I think Spamcop is working so hard that timeouts occur, my mailbox is fine.

    The bounce error disabled reporting so I had to 'click below' and resend all recent email submissions.

    To date 359 Qtum 'main network' spams

  6. 12 hours ago, Ex_Brit said:

    So what has changed recently at Cisco or wherever to suddenly open the floodgates and admit a torrent of spam each day? Too many for me to report so have given up and simply delete them all.  They are all addressed to my Cesmail email address and all of course are filtered into a spam folder at my current spam filtering "service", Fastmail, to which all mail gets forwarded now before I POP it out to my desktop..

    Anyone else experiencing the same?

    As Lking notes, many have reported this


    I too use Fastmail, and have reported them twenty at a time by email using More / Forward as attachment (all the selected items) to the quick magik Spamcop address.


    Cisco removed the filter sometime back.


    You can search the Spamcop forums using Google.

  7. 2 hours ago, Lking said:

    Steve could not report the "Clean" attachment (without his friend as the source).  The attachment is not addressed to Steve and so the parser would choke when checking with the mailhost configuration (if that's what you had in mind).

    I don't think you are right. spam without my name anywhere is reported fine so provided 'my friend' is using the same email system and incoming servers as 'Steve' a forward as attachment looks just like a 'Steve' for mailhost analysis.


    Same for any system for which many email addies arrive in the same mailbox.


    Try it and see.

  8. 19 hours ago, purpleboo18 said:

    Hello, why hasn't the spam stopped after faithfully reporting the same email address for months?

    They send me a few every day.

    I requested unsubscribe but they ignore it.

    I don't really want to pay for more reporting if you can't stop the spam.

    The address is: - martin.cox81 at gmail.com.

    It is from that Binary Options scammer. 


    If the spam always has the same address just send it direct to the spam folder for reporting. Not much else can be done

  9. I recommend that everyone should install two browsers, have two or more email providers and so forth.


    Email providers can give up or just be out of service for hours or days.


    If you look at the discussion here after the announcement of the Spamcop email service being discontinued, you will get some hints.


    I chose Fastmail, but still have alternatives such as Gmail and my ISP as well as legacy mail boxes 

  10. Quote


    if your 'mime digests' contain the full headers and message text of up to 1000 spams in the proper format this might work.


    Did it ever work ?


    Could the format have changed ?


    Sending a copy to a 4th mailbox is a good check - look to see if it is identical to a email with multiple attached emails.

  11. To Whom It May Concern,

    Please find attached an invoice relating to Penalty Charge Notice Number IA30994889 along with a copy of the contravention.

    In order to prevent this fine from escalating further we have paid this fine on your behalf. Should you have any queries concerning these charges please don�t hesitate to contact me.

    Payment for this invoice will be taken by Direct Debit 9 working days from the date of this email.

    Please refer to page 2, point 3.6 in your Terms and Conditions for information on Traffic Offences.


    Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:

    Why spoil it all with

    From: Aubrey Farley FarleyAubrey2561[at]awesomeministry.com

  12. Well, here’s a problem.

    Suppose you want to turn the rather long spam submission procedure into a nice macro, on the Mac. Ok, it’s easy to do the cmd-opt-U and get the whole msg as text, copy that, close the window, delete the spam, and go to, say, Firefox, where the spamcop window is open, and the little box is sitting there.

    NOW here’s the problem. On the FIRST submission, the box’s top left corner is at coordinates 19, 346, roughly, and the bottom right is at 640 504, more or less.

    ON THE SECOND SUBMISSION, the box’s top left is at 19 522, and the bottom right is at 640 679.

    If you use a normal macro, and try to place the mouse in a SINGLE location, given overlapping coordinates, you can see that this is IMPOSSIBLE. The two boxes DO NOT OVERLAP.


    As I recall, when I had a similar problem I moved the cursor to a fixed point then used 'Tab' which kindly skipped to the input box.

  13. Assuming that opaltelecom.net is a forwarder as it is part of your mailhosts, both and 2a01:111:f400:7c09:0:0:0:183 belong to hotmail/outlook.com (aka microsoft). So it would appear that the proper source is reporting correctly.

    But if Microsoft is trusted shouldn't mail.sccky.edu be reported as the spam source rather than 2a01:111:f400:7c09:0:0:0:183 breaking the chain ?