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  1. Glad I could help put some humour in your day. I don't care to go back and forth with you, Wazoo, unless you can help me with my predicament, so I'll ignore the parts of your post that would tick me off. Life's too short to go tit-for-tat if it really doesn't matter. In reading your last two paragraphs I realize that I am more confused than I thought, since I understood maybe half of it. But then again, it is Saturday and I have no brain on the weekends. Is there a post or spot where I can look up what all of the jargon means? If I notice that the Mailhost isn't recognizing legitimate IP addresses for Charter (and yes, that is my ISP) I'll report it to the deputies.
  2. Thank you, Miss Betsy. lol I'm a "techie type" myself, just not on this subject, but I also don't take kindly to posts like his and won't "excuse" him in the future (but I'm not one to openly attack, so don't worry). I am a little confused, though. While I have several web-based email accounts, I only report email from my home address and my work address. Since adding my home mailhost, I have not reported any mail from my work (and since it's the weekend, I'm not AT work, and I refused to check work email from home - they don't pay me enough). Since I am only receiving my home ISPs email in Outlook, I should only have to register that one host (until I get to work on Monday)... is that correct? And IF that is correct and I am still getting those forgery messages, there's nothing I can do about that... right?
  3. Dbiel, I'm not entirely sure which "section" I am using, but I think it is #2. I have paid for "fuel" (about 15MB), which has slowly diminished over time as I have been submitting spam to be reported. So do you think that what I am experiencing is on the "normal" side? I am going to remove my mailhost and re-try, in case something was messed up (I think I registered my mailhost before they moved to the "web form" that Ellen mentioned in her Sticky post). The mail that I received after adding my mailhost was not very helpful ("Mailhost successfully added" or something similar) so perhaps me re-doing the registration will provide a better explaination, if they have made some changes. And yes, thank you Dbiel, if I'm understanding your post right, that was helpful.
  4. Ooookay. Do you always make it a point to be rude to new people? :angry: Nothing in your post was actually "helpful" to me. How about specifically requesting the information that you need? As I openly said, I am new to this and I am not sure what I need to include and what I don't. I DID read her pinned post. Just because someone has a question, please don't assume that they did't LOOK for an answer first. Did it ocur to you that I am posting because I DIDN'T understand her post? And her post did say to post any questions... which is what I did. I have seen several people "munging" their posts (I am assuming that that means masking or removing personal data). I'm not sure if that is "the usual" when posting, so I erred on the cautious side and removed mine as well. As I said, if you need more info ASK for it instead of making a jab at someone new at this. The only thing that I can tell that I "didn't" do was to include the tracking URL thing. Because I wanted to remove the personal data, I left that out as well, thinking that someone else may have a reason for this without having to provide my data. If this is requested of me, I will post it. But until then, is there someone else who has anything helpful to suggest beyond "read the other posts"? Thank you.
  5. After successfully adding my mailhost, I've submitted several spam emails (as attachments, via email). On most (but not all) of the reports, I am getting a message like the following, when I log in to the web site to Report them (masking IP addresses): 1: Received: from x.x.x.x ([x.x.x.x]) by mxsf20.cluster1.charter.net (8.12.11/8.12.11) with SMTP id i3HCWul8057868; Sat, 17 Apr 2004 08:33:01 -0400 (EDT) Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts Will not trust anything beyond this header No source IP address found, cannot proceed. Nothing to do. I think that it is odd that this is only happening on some mails, but not others (this is happening on "most", perhaps 75-80% of them). Any suggestions? I'm quite new that this, so it's very possible that my ignorange is to blame.