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  1. 500 Internal Server Error "have observed the problem frequently, please contact us with a full description of the problem." contact: www.spamcop.net/ w3m?action=contactform;reason=500%20error;details=referer:%20(none) What good is a SERVER link to report when the server is down?
  2. Neither. A) I've never used the responder emails, I've always auto-deleted them. I simply monitor the main page for Since that never appeared, I assumed emails were being lost. I stopped the auto-delete, click on the responder link and got to the report page, but the main page still showed no messages waiting. === Yesterday I cleared the pending via the remove link. Had 27 unreachable (no pending and deleted responders.) Today (Jul 26) the main page shows pending reports.
  3. Tried sending a report from yahoo and gmail, to both myself and spamcop. looking at http://www.spamcop.net/ it shows no unsent reports. clicking on the link in the autoresponder went to the submit page. After submitt http://www.spamcop.net/sc still shows no unsent reports. Problem is the main web page.
  4. Me too. Yahoo starting Jul 21, I've gotten no responses to a dozen sent.