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  1. I guess my public criticism during the multiple system outages in recent months have resulted in my tickets and questions being ignored

    No, it's not just you. My ticket is being ignored too, and I've never criticized anybody at Spamcop--never even commented on this forum or submitted a ticket about outages. They're probably just swamped with questions right now.

  2. FastMail looks significantly less costly than Hushmail, unless there are other considerations.

    I haven't tried Hushmail, but I'm using Fastmail now and I like it. The web interface is better than Spamcop's, and for $40 a year I get 15 GB of storage (more than I need) and the ability to use my own domain name, if I have one. Registering a domain name (which is optional) costs me $15 a year, for a total of $55. That's more than Spamcop cost, but I get a better web interface, my own custom domain, and the security that comes from knowing that my email provider won't suddenly disappear.

    Spamcop.net email was great. I signed up over 10 years ago, and for the first 7 years, I literally did not get a single spam message. Not one. (I remember being disappointed when I got my first spam, because then I couldn't tell people I never got spam.) Regardless of what's happening to the service now, I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

    I'm disappointed that the service is ending. I'm also kind of excited that I finally get a decent webmail interface with Fastmail.