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  1. Hi, I am seeing some very strange domain names appearing in my Mailhosts list: such as, Mailhost pair.net shc.edu, alumni.shc.edu Mailhost Spamcop mail.ermann.org I have my domain accounts hosted with Pair Networks, pair.net . I also see numerous IP addresses in the lists that don't match anything pair.net has. I am also having probelms with spam being passed through when it has been marked as spam. Maybe because of this extra stuff in my Mailhosts lists?? What should I do? I am conside4ring just deleting all of the Mailhosts and backing out. Thanks for any explanation, Steve slandon[at]spamcop.net a1ahost[at]spamcop.net
  2. Hi, I have used Spamcop for years for reporting only. In the past two months I started using it for actual email filtering where Spamcop POPs my Server. For some reason Spamcop continues to forward mail that is:in my blacklist,has a SpamAssasin score of over 100. All mail with a return of Xxx and from sympatico.ca is forwarded on to me. The email account being POP'ed is in the mailhost list. I am at a loss about this. Any help is appreciated. Here is the typical part of the header that I get after Spamcop send me the email: Spamcop is forwarding black list mail: From: "Xxx" <courtneyceding[at]sympatico.ca> Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 21:55:02 +0100 To: Me "spam cop user" Subject: your place or mine? leaked promulgate. Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 X-SpamCop-Checked: X-spam-Filtered: 3fef47d6ac858981bc325c39dd17d997 X-spam-Status: Yes, hits=100.0 required=3.5 tests=USER_IN_BLACKLIST X-spam-Flag: YES X-spam-Level: **************************************************************************** ************************ X-spam-Report: 100.0 hits, 3.5 required; * 100 -- From: address is in the user's black-list
  3. a1ahost

    spamcop encountered problems

    Hi, I am increasing having my mail box filled up by this error: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am in Webmail, in the HELD Mail box. I click on Select ALL I click on Report as spam. All seems normal after this. Within the hour I start getting a lot of messages back from Autoresponder. See error above. If anyone can help with this it is much appreciated. I am going to have to stop reporting at all if the reporting is not going to work. THanks, Steve
  4. a1ahost

    Not Filtering???

    Hi, I have looked through all of the help areas and can't find any info about Filters/Rules. Can someone explain? I have created several filters with disposition of "Discard" but they don't seem to do anything. Emails still show up in HeldMail, even though that address is in the Filter with a specific Rule. I thought this would kill spam I had in the Rules and I would never see it, which is what I wanted. Thanks, Steve
  5. Here is an error I get for some spam after I submit it. My email MailHosts are already set up - correctly. I use many virtual email addresses, ex: steve[at]mydomain.com, points to nospam[at]mydomain.com,etc. I have many email addresses all for the same domain name. spam cop is POPing "one" address off my Server, that all email addresses are funneled through. Same domain, same Mail Servers. After Pop and filter, then Mail is forwarded to an address on the Server that I POP with my email client. Works well except for the error messages. error:You have failed to configure your own mail host, from which you pop mail Mailhost: ????????.com ( 2xx.xx.xxx.xxx ) Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam error:No IP found Here is what spam cop says on the MailHosts add hosts page: "You only need to register one address per service provider. SpamCop doesn't need to know if you have more than one address at the same place. " So, why am I getting this error? Doesn't seem like this MailHosts is working completely right yet. This happens on "fast reporting". Thanks for your comments, Steve An "almost happy" Cesmail/Spamcop User user.
  6. Hi, Hope someone can help. Support just does not respond unles they feel like it or never! Going crazy trying to get messages to delete from the HELD area. I can't see the next set of messages because the 1st 34 say "moving to trash" but never go away and will not delete. Thanks for any help, Steve