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  1. I am a LONG TIME user of spamcop since the early 2000's. However, I have noticed recently that spamcop reporting gives up on processing any and all of my spam messages. It tells me to reconfigure my mailhosts. Yet even after I do that and success receive confirmations from the spamcop robot, I still get the same failure. I have tried deleting the ARC- headers, as that at least used to work, but now even that fails, and nothing parses correctly at all, no matter what I try. What am I missing? Here is the tracking URL and failure message for a typical email that no longer parses when pasted into the Process spam window: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6495404429z6ce233a491581b6970a4830e4052f7d2z As a quick follow up, I did notice that other users were having success with deleting the first received line appearing in the email. I did that and go the spam to process successfully.
  2. I came across a recent spam that was advertising the site 122233.com. When I paste "122233.com" into the Process spam window, it responds "Cannot resolve 122233.com". However, this resolves to according to ping. Is this a spamcop bug, or is it due to spamcop's internal routing configuration?
  3. Just confirmed this as well with a recent subject-less spam. Kudos to the admins who took care of this so quickly!
  4. I doubt we'll have any luck getting the originating spammer to comply with RFC 2821. Hopefully, if any admins are reading, they can consider configuring spamcop to add the Message-ID: header in such cases as I described above.
  5. miggles

    Defective spam (incomplete headers)

    myname, I copied your headers and added a 1-line message "asdf" to serve as the message, and spamcop processed the headers. I didn't even need to add a Subject: line. Maybe you inadvertently inserted an empty line or split a long header into multiple lines when you pasted?
  6. miggles

    Defective spam (incomplete headers)

    In the past week I've received 33 spams which are missing the Subject and/or Message Id header lines. My short term fix has been to add "Subject: " to the top of the spam and report manually. All of the spams were received by the spamcop mail server directly from the spamming source, and all of the spams were automatically dumped in the held mail folder. Can spamcop's mail server be reconfigured to add the missing Message-Id header, per RFC 2821? Thanks.
  7. The large majority of the spam that I have received in the past week has been deemed unreportable by spamcop, due to an incomplete headers error. It appears that the lack of a subject or message id is what is triggering this error. As far as I can tell, this is not a matter of another mail server being misconfigured; these messages are being received directly by spamcop (see quoted headers below) from the spamming host, and spamcop's server is not appending a message id header to them. Can the spamcop mail server configuration be changed? Thanks.