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  1. tarokawa

    spamcop.net smtp connection refused...

    wingspacers, Thanks for your reply. I'll ask my provider about my SMTP sending is delayed.
  2. I guess my spamcop account doesn't receive mails from my friends, Because she call me that she sent some e-mail for me, But I've NOT receive her e-mail. So I had sent a test mail for myself, I got following; Does spamcop email accout is really working fine? Or overloading by mega-tons of spams?
  3. look http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4264...ac21z. At first line, its Internal Handoff at Spamcop, yes, good. Second line, its my provider's received line, registed on my mailhost list, yes, good. Third Line, its forgery line added by spammer, it should not trusted by spamcop, yes, anaylized line shows "forgery detected", good, but... BUT, why "Tracking message source:"? It's wrong. It's coming from last line that detected as forgery. This trouble began about 24hrs ago, maybe. but not solved today, so I'm reporting here. I had to cancel almost all spam reports because spamcop would send report to wrong target...