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  1. OK, I bypassed Outlook and used webmail to extract the source and paste to the mailhost response. Maybe Redemption & the macro don't fix the header issues 100%. I hope this may be of use to anyone else trying this mailhost service. John
  2. Hello, I tried to register 2 mailhosts today, spamcop send three emails, which is correct, 2 for one account and one for the other. I use Outlook 2002, and am aware of the header issues, so I installed "Redemption" and the OLSpamcop macro. I have tried copying and pasting and reporting through the web and the most consistant response is Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: Confirmation codes do not match: From recipient address: lN6ignuRb8L2sBH2 From header: lN6ignuRb8L2sBH2 The only difference I can see when I "view source" is some extra " " characters. Now I think in a button clicking frenzy I reported one of the probes as spam. I wish I could start the day again! I am going to try and get the mailhost probes re-sent, and use Spamcop webmail to reply - any other help appreciated JM mayojs[at]spamcop.net