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  1. Here's one of mine that doesn't complete. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6422928601z25052bc1ef9a3f33cfbd0d6dc263c35az I've found that I can get the full message text via the provided link and then re-input that in the reporting engine. It's allowed me to complete the report every time for now. Pending a fix, could we have a "cancel" button at the top of the page? As it is these reports block access to those filed later and all we can do about that is deleting all pending reports and submitting them again. Putting a cancel button at the top should allow to get rid only of the crippled report.
  2. It showed the 207.126.. address as the source, and as the 1st on the list of to-be-reported addresses. The 67.xxx one was given only at the bottom, with its ISP listed as '3rd party interested in a copy' or something to that effect. I posted the full spam, so anybody interested can try this out for themselves. I agree that care should be taken with non-standard headers, but I am also under a very strong impression that spamcop *does* (or at least, did) use X-Originating-IP headers. 419 scams often contain these (or similar) as they are generally sent out through free, webbased services. And not all of those show the originating IP in a standard received: header.
  3. The more strict the spamcop system gets, the less useful it is becoming as a unique tool to report spam... Reported the spam below, and have the following remarks: 1) This message does *not* come from a number of recent spams have included a forged X-Originating-IP header, recently. 2) No report was sent to kornet for the website (which incidentally does not offer ladens, but viagra). Why not? The URL is easy enough to detect... If in doubt, the report could always be de-selected by default... And, BTW, this also goes for email addresses mentioned in the message body. Generally, they're real, and ought to be reported.