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  1. Can someone point me to the nearest wall so I can bang my head against it? You're whoising ARIN for an IP in the APNIC pool (just as Spamcop is doing). Anytime you do that, you will get . APNIC is NOT an ISP. If you whois APNIC at for that IP, you will get current ISP information about role: Manager Admin address: 485-A/15,1st floor,G.T. Road, Dilshad garden,New Delhi,Delhi-110095 country: IN phone: +91 9958033533 e-mail: admin-c: AA1235-AP tech-c: AA1235-AP nic-hdl: MA965-AP mnt-by: MAINT-IN-APNAINFO last-modified: 2016-04-29T09:31:10Z source: APNIC (edit: P.S. The abuse contact for via APNIC is still
  2. It's happening again. Reports regarding this spam have already been sent: Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) Reportid: 6767219654 To:
  3. In the case of this IP, they're trying to send mail to a black hole created to trap broken software that searched the wrong IP registry. Perhaps the abuse contact for would like to know about the spam report and take action on it before it gets to SCBL. There's no chance that search-apnic-not-arin is a deliberate thing.
  4. Do you not see the problem here? There is a correct abuse contact for and search-apnic-not-arin is not it. Spamcop has a configuration error and it's searching the wrong IP registry to find a reporting address. If it was a scenario you described I expect to see a devnull.spamcop address in the contact field... not this. Does anyone who actually works on Spamcop ever look at this forum or is it just full of users who tell you that yes, Spamcop is broken you should report spam yourself instead of using it.
  5. IP: Matched to email: Obviously this is incorrect and Spamcop is searching whois on the wrong registry.
  6. I'm sure you mean to help, but the only way to stop a spam friendly network is to block their IP's. The problem here is Spamcop has loopholes being exploited here. Spamcop needs to make adjustments to how the BL works.
  7. So, Lanset has been blasting spam from about 100-200 IP addresses over the past month nonstop, but by the time my reports get to Spamcop I always see this message: ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after 1/2/2018, 1:39:55 PM -0600 Of course this is not true. I think Lanset should be permanently banned from using this "feature."
  8. Here's an example: ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue sometime after 1/4/2018, 5:43:54 PM -0600 Received: from unknown (HELO ( by me with SMTP; Thu, 04 Jan 2018 18:46:48 -0500 The spammer sent the spam 3 minutes AFTER the "ISP resolved this issue" Clearly it is the spammer himself triggering this "resolved issue" status right before sending the spams out. Spamcop needs to stop allowing itself to be exploited like this. All 70.98.78's should be remaining in spamcop-bl as long as ANY IP in the range is sending spam.
  9. It seems to me like it's not being worked on at all and the Spamcop development is abandoned...
  10. Just ran into this again. Do you guys need programming help?
  11. At this point I've noticed the spammers know about this bug and are deliberately forming their spam to break SpamCop...
  12. It's happening again. Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) Reportid: 6588799207 To:
  13. Is the spammer actually sending from Gmail? Gmail in my experience does not respond to problem reports from Spamcop and their reputation means they don't ever get blocked by anyone. You may have better results reporting the problem directly to Gmail, and much better results by receiving spam from this person into a Gmail account and marking it as spam.
  14. Here's a fresh one. Is this forum the right place to report the problem to SpamCop? Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) Reportid: 6636304941 To:
  15. Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)[at] I think the problem should be self explanatory here... Getting lots of repetitive spams from this IP and hosting their spamvertised website on the same IP. Correct contact is admin[at] Spamcop should not query ARIN for any 43.x.x.x IP.
  16. It's happening again.
  17. It's happening again.
  18. It's happening again. Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)[at]
  19. Is this forum the right place to report this issue? Still getting bucketloads of snowshoe spam from various IPs in the 43.250 range, and none of them are going to the correct contact. Also, the spamcop-bl is pretty worthless against this snowshoe operation.