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  1. Well, I dunno.. very strange... I have sent the 4 spams (virtually identical) of which 2 have disappeared, to deputies(at) spamcop but so far no reply. I suppose my ISP _could_ be deleting some, but it sure seems odd that after 10 years, the'y suddenly start pulling such stunts.. I mean, why?!?
  2. Thankis, turetzr. I thought I had looked enough at the FAQ but I still missed the one you suggest. It looks like Case #1, so I'm going to write to the deputies... I will report back -j.
  3. For a week or more, *some* of the spams I send to my "secret" reporting address just disappear. If I paste them into the text box, SC parses and generates reports normally, no prob. Most behave normally. Here is the URL for the latest one I had to do manually: http://members.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=get...rtid=6030513031 The only difference between the spams that went through and those that were liost was the source IP. The spams were the same Ukraine/Russian beauties! System details: Debian linux; Spamassassin teergrubes spams and saves them. Home-made shell scri_pt mails them to my reporting address (for years). exim4 logs show that 4 spams were sent to spamcop -- only two were seen and generated a reply from Spoamcop. Anybody have any idea what's going on? -j.
  4. Right.. so just what *does* "administrative decision" mean? Will SC start reporting to abuse[at]smtp.com ? They do seem responsive, so why wouldn't SC change their administrative decisions?? j.
  5. Reported a phishing spam that came thru smtp.com yesterday: 5971584147 ( ) To: support#smtp.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net The headsers themselves recommend abuse[at]smtp.com, although whois only has support[at]smtp.com; so I wrote to smtp.com who said they used to get spamcop reports but they mysteriously stopped a few months ago... They say they've found and killed the spammer's account.. so whassup? - manchot
  6. Same here. 2 spams, no message to ISP, no mention of the clearly present spamvertised URLs. Sumpin's gotta be broke! - Manchot
  7. manchot

    SC swallowing forwarded spams?

    Well, I solved the problem, and it wasn't spamcop's fault, so I thought I'd post that here in case anybody else encounters thisl. I had started up postfix on my powerbook, running OS X Panther, and had failed to configure it to use my ISP's smtp so it was trying to connect directto the destination smtp!!! You need to put this line in /etc/postfix/main.cf: relayhost = my.own.isps.server The nasty part is that it wasn't sending any kind of "undeliverable" or rejection messages so I didn't suspect a thing! Postfix also keeps it's queue in /var/spool/postfix, not /var/spool/mqueue like sendmail does so I thought the mail was really going out! (I guess the ones that got through were due to moments when postfix wasn't actually running.) hope this helps somebody.. - manchot
  8. Hello folks, I've been a paid member for a few years, and have always forwarded my spams as attachments, gotten my ack from SC, and reported. For at least the past 2 days, whether single spams or mime-digests, nothing comes back 95% of the time. No email ack, no sign of the spams when I go to members.spamcop.net either. My spams are going into a blackhole! I'm on OS X, running Pine. Nothing has changed on my end. Submitting the spams by pasting into the form works. -manchot