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    Mail server blocked but isn't relaying!

    Jeff, I appreciate the response, but this does not help me. I have not gotten any blocked emails myself, I had a client who called to let me know that we were listed on the spamcop.net BL. I have tested for an open relay, which has tested to be secure, so it means that someone has emailed one of the "forbidden" emails. I have no examples of this, I have no header information. How do you fix the problem (I'm taking spamcop's word that we have a spammer on our server, which is just a corporate server, btw) without the proper information to help you resolve the situation?
  2. mbergman@vltsg.com

    Mail server blocked but isn't relaying!

    I don't have a link to see an example of any of the emails. I had a client call and let me know that we are listed on SpamCop.net. Is there a way to get to the details of the spams through the website without having the exact email?
  3. mbergman@vltsg.com

    Mail server blocked but isn't relaying! - The only possibility I can think of is our spam filter (GFI Mail Essentials) bounced back a spam that supposedly came from a "spam trap" email address. Can you give me an example of the spam received by SpamCop?
  4. We cannot get removed from this list yet we are only listed on spamcop.net. We have tested through ORDB.org and MAPS and neither of them test us as an open relay. Why is SpamCop blocking our email? Can someone please explain the system used by spamcop and why it has false positives?