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  1. The emails I received stated: I chose to "forward the message as an attachment". There was no warning that this would fail for Outlook or Eudora users. Again, I did later manually return the probes by webform without error, so, I am not having any issue with getting the full email headers from Outlook. I did not "have problems getting the full headers into the return email". The parsers just do not handle Outlook's format. I happen to think that they could and should, but that's not the issue. I followed the given instructions correctly, and then got errors that gave me no hint as to why I got them. I then posted the question here, and unfortunately, the responses have been less than supportive, with the most helpful one being the equivalent of the punchline to the joke, doctor, it hurts when I turn my head this way. I'm just recommending that the text of the email be changed to something like,
  2. But the subject at hand is mailhosts, not reporting spam. I only see the relevance of the web form for adding mailhosts. My point about Outlook is that it is a known problem, and a problem that others have solved. If the webhosts configuration routines cannot handle Outlook attachments, well, OK, I'm sure I have no idea what all is involved, although Outlook is hardly a niche player. But if I don't like it, I should probably do something more constructive than complain, like contribute time and / or money to get it supported. But since it is not, please update the instructions so we Outlook (and Eudora?) users know that emailing probe emails as attachments from Outlook or Eudora is not supported. It seems like a relatively small thing I am asking for. I have no problem getting full headers, as evidenced by the web form approach working just fine, so do not need yet another link. As for the sharper stick... I'm thinking a blunt 2 x 4... Apparently, I'm not the only one to find this less than intuitively obvious to the most casual user. I could probably chew my way thru a blunt 2 x 4 right about now. I certainly have spent far, far more time on this than I expect to. In fact, I have a tangential question. Why do I need to manually add mailhosts for accounts that I having spamcop pop? I can see needing to tell about any forwarding I have set up on other systems, sending to spamcop for me. But if spamcop is already getting email for me from other hosts, well, then spamcop already knows about those other hosts, right? Granted, you are then depending on me to interact with the resulting probe emails, although I think that could be handled with little or no intervention from me, perhaps even entirely hidden from me (do I really need to see email that spamcop is sending to itself on my accounts? Hard to say, either way of handling this will generate whining from some quarter). Greg Stigers <at> spamcop.net
  3. I did go to the web-based submission form, and there is no "Outlook/Eudora Work-around" on that one. It simply provides to text areas, one that will handle both the header and body, and another for just the body, probably to accomodate Outlook users. I am a bit surprised to learn that this problem has proven so intractable, but apparently others have solved it. In fact, I bought a copy of spam Deputy for use at my last job. In any case, I would recommend updating the email instructions to mention that Outlook users cannot forward the probe emails as attachments. I get the impression that I have touched a nerve. No offense intended, Wazoo. Greg Stigers <at> spamcop.net
  4. When I say that "Outlook has this nasty habit of keeping the header separate from the message body", I mean in the interface. I can get to the header from the menus, but get only the header, not the message body. And I can copy plain text body from the email, or "View Source" from the context menu in the body, but that's without the header. Does the parser not handle Microsoft's format for attached email? If not, that might be worth adding to the instructions. Manually pasting the email into the web interface as Ellen wrote, works, but is more work. I had assumed that I was sharing information that was useful when I posted the description of the error reports I received. Perhaps I am just annoying people who knew that I would have this problem forwarding attachments, and expected that I would know better. Other than this, I am a fairly happy customer. I have had two private and two professional email addresses ruined thanks to spam, and using a spamcop address as my public address has essentially alleviated that problem. I get almost no spam on these other mailhosts (and virtually none on my private address), and have just gotten used to the convenience of having spamcop pop them for me. And the spamcop filter trap almost all of the spam I get on my spamcop address. I gladly report what spam I get. I just wanted to follow the mailhost instructions, both to comply with the new system, and help in any way I could to beta test it. Sorry that my problem wasn't much of one. I was just trying to help identify a problem. Perhaps the instructions need some clarification, I'm not sure. Greg Stigers <at> spamcop.net
  5. Sorry for the confusion. I kept trying to start a new topic, and it kept getting moved to this topic. The subsequent question was about the resulting errors from returned probes, when I returned those probes as attachments. You ask, "why not use the link in the probe and copy/paste the complete headers plus the probe body into the web form?" Because it's more work. Outlook has this nasty habit of keeping the header separate from the message body, so pasting a message is a two-step process, and the steps are not simple, single actions, that I would ordinarily want to repeat thirteen times. So, given the choice to return the probes as attachments, I took it. And for some reason, it did not work. Shouldn't it have worked? Greg Stigers
  6. Between my two mailhosts, hotmail.com and bu.edu, I got thirteen "SpamCop account configuration email" email from spamcop. For two of them, I replied, since the reply address seemed to match the address to which I was to send my reply, and I deleted the original email from my reply, but attached the email spamcop sent me. I am using Outlook 2003 and Outlook Quote-fix (which removes the six line "Original Message" block and otherwise fixes email quoting); perhaps these are part of the problem? For the other eleven, I got lazy, and replied and attached, without bothering to delete the original email. I got twenty-four replies with the subject "Spamcop account configuration: error". All twenty-four said "Sorry, but SpamCop has encountered errors:" Thirteen of the replies had "Source IP not found. Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you receive.". The other eleven had a blank line where the error should have been stated. This seems to correspond to thirteen total tests with attachments, and eleven replies that quoted the original email. I expect that I am serving as a really good beta test, or a really bad one, and I have no idea which. Now, I do have spamcop pop both my hotmail and my bu.edu accounts. So, I should test both mailhosts, right? While I will choose to "Enable email notification of replies", if you could please copy me at my gregstigers <at> spamcop <dot> net address, I will see it much sooner. Thanks. Greg Stigers
  7. That's a great tip, so, thank you for sharing it. But my issue was adding hotmail as a mailhost. As I read the instructions, if I am having spamcop pop other accounts, I do need to add them as mailhosts. Ironically, the account on which I get spam is spamcop, since that is the one I use in public forums / fora. It's like the spammers are getting out of the safari jeep and kicking the lions, but that's why I pay for a spamcop account. I had originally acquired a free hotmail account for product registrations and webforms, thus the goofy handle: my first initial, 9, plus my home phone number, two things I would always remember and that no one else would already be using. For whatever reason, this address has not propogated from businesses to "internet marketers". So, it's not a reporting problem. In fact, it is primarily for convenience that I still have spamcop "pop" this account (I know, hotmail does not actually use pop). Now, the only maintenance I have to do to stay within my 2MB limit is to copy Sent Mail out of the folder in Outlook Express, which is what I use instead of the webform. Same for the bu.edu address. I just got it, and don't actually use it for much, but the school uses it to send me info, so it is really convenient to have spamcop pop that for me, since spamcop is essentially my default or main email provider at this time. Aren't you glad you asked? Greg
  8. Executive summary: Hotmail seems to give connection errors when trying to set it up as a mailhost. Second, is this group not available thru nntp via news.spamcop.net? I assume that the second question requires no amplification. Please copy my email address on any responses. Thanks. Trying to be a good casual user, I am entering my mailhosts set up. I, too, found the explanation a bit hard to follow. But having had four email account, two personal and two professional, ruined by spam, well, I hate spam, and am willing to help. Plus, the warnings regarding the need to do this seemed serious. Now, I have my spamcop account pull two other accounts, and that's about it. My only other account is with my ISP, and I only give it to people I know personally and trust, and it is essentially spam free, and not worth the trouble to pop thru spamcop. Frankly, the popping is now mostly a matter of convenience, since I get neglibible to no spam on the other two accounts. One of them is my throwaway hotmail account. The first several tries to add Hotmail as a host failed. I began to wonder if Hotmail was configured to somehow ignore this test. Finally, I started getting partially successful responses such as the one pasted below. Sent test email to g9789279127 <at> hotmail.com through mx1.hotmail.com. SpamCop has just sent you 1 test messages to g9789279127 <at> hotmail.com. Please allow for up to an hour for those messages to reach you, and then follow the enclosed instructions. Some errors were encountered sending test email, but other tests were sent without trouble. This is probably normal, but here is a detailed list of errors: Detailed errors: Connecting to mx2.hotmail.com.: smtpSend:smtpOpen: smtpsend connection error from smtp server (550 No expected reply from SMTP) Connecting to mx4.hotmail.com.: smtpSend:smtpOpen: smtpsend connection error from smtp server (550 No expected reply from SMTP) Connecting to mx3.hotmail.com.: smtpSend:smtpOpen: smtpsend connection error from smtp server (550 No expected reply from SMTP)