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  2. Spamcop should silently delete all mails that have the following qmail identification header GERMANSPAM MESSAGEID =~ /^<.*[a-z].*\.qmail\[at].*>/ describe GERMANSPAM Contains German spam score GERMANSPAM 100 from http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=spamassass...95957623701&w=2
  3. mplungjan@spamcop.net

    [Resolved] VER "Cannot log into IMAP mailserver"

    Ahh, found it at the link you gave... Thanks
  4. mplungjan@spamcop.net

    [Resolved] VER "Cannot log into IMAP mailserver"

    I have a worse problem.. I can get at the mails via Mozilla, but spamcop ALSO decided a whitelisted email address is spam and I need to go to held mail to mark the mail as NOT spam and whitelist the sender (again) so I get the mail sent on. Is there a bypass for that?
  5. mplungjan@spamcop.net

    Spamcop is slow processing mail

    ohhh, please don't tell me that something changed at where I forward my mail... They must have blocked routing. VERY bad news but not your problem. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Michel
  6. mplungjan@spamcop.net

    Spamcop is slow processing mail

    I send an email from the site irt.org and I get it in 1 minute I send from anywhere else, and I do not get it at all Not even marked as spam. I have not had any spam at spamcop.net for 2 days and ONLY mail from irt.org goes through What can I have been doing to make that happen? I have not touched my settings Please help- I KNOW I am missing a lot of important mail Thanks