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  1. When I first went to paste the received 'SpamCop account configuration email' at the given web address, it barfed at what it saw as a mismatch in the three duplicates of the 'X-SpamCop-Conf:' code.

    They all looked the same on the web display, but when I went back and looked at the mail source, it seems that something - maybe SpamPal; maybe this horrible OE I use for picking up the mail account in question - had added dozens of whitespaces to the end of the

    X-SpamCop-Conf: MFkwL1FsWVFKx3WS                        

    in the mail header.

    So I edited 'em in Notepad, and re-pasted the mail. This time it accepted the config. If I've done wrong I want to give myself up, but perhaps it might be an idea to strip off any whitespace crud when you parse these lines.

    Oh, and: I realise my mail client is stupid, but I've been using it on this email account since Dawkins was a boy. Outlook proper and Turpike deal with other accounts.