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  1. "Quick" submission via email was turned off for all users a while back because of people on autopilot reporting too much legitimate email and their own service providers. For users who have already configured their Mailhosts, I'll enable it on request after a review of their reporting history to make sure they're not reporting bounces, virus traffic, ISP replies, mail from SpamCop, etc. Users who didn't save the access link they need to configure their Mailhosts can create it by using the Secret code from their "submit" address. Example: submit.YourSecretCode[at]spam.spamcop.net http://www.spamcop.net/?code=YourSecretCode - Don -
  2. SpamCopAdmin

    spamcop encountered problems

    To: ver.username+spamcop.net-10614-71d2cd7119d42f24a573[at]spam.spamcop.net If you see a line like that in the part where SpamCop says "could not find your spam message in this email," it's because there was an error when the webmail system was trying to find the spam you wanted to report. Jeff says he is looking into the problem. He describes it this way: "My suspicion is that webmail, for some reason, isn't finding the message referenced when the user submits the data. It apparently goes ahead and sends a blank message. The other side to this is that I believe it also doesn't delete the message. So, the page refreshes and all the same messages are there. Many users don't even notice that and submit the messages again. The second time, it works." It's the blank message to the reporting system that generates the error message because there isn't any spam in it. - Don -
  3. SpamCopAdmin

    silent reports

    http://www.spamcop.net/anonsignup.shtml You can enable/disable Mole reporting any time you want by simply re-registering your address. The bug that interfered with changing back and forth was fixed long ago. - Don -
  4. SpamCopAdmin

    spamcop encountered problems

    If you want to send me a copy of the error message you're getting, I would be happy to take a look. service at admin.spamcop.net - Don -
  5. SpamCopAdmin

    Sub-Domain issues

    That's correct. SpamCop is only interested in knowing about the mail servers that handle your mail. If your host always uses the same servers no matter what domain gets the traffic, then you only need one address per host. If some domains are handled by one server, but others are handled by different servers, then you'll need to configure enough addresses that all the servers your host uses are accounted for. Same applies to forwarding services such as Bigfoot, or professional associations that provide email addresses for their members. - Don -
  6. SpamCopAdmin

    No action taken by Spamcop

    That's old spam now, and there is no way to know what happened then. SpamCop does everything live and in real time. The next time SpamCop refuses to process fresh spam, send me the tracking URL from the parse (like the one above), and I'll take a look. service at admin.spamcop.net - Don -
  7. SpamCopAdmin

    Reporting priveledges suspended?

    If my guess about your SpamCop email address is correct, your reporting privileges were suspended because our sytem mail to you is being rejected. Your Kornet address returns this error, "5.1.8 you are not allowed to send mail." I just sent a test message to your SpamCop address. If you get it, let me know. - Don -
  8. SpamCopAdmin

    My IP address revealed in web reports?

    At the very top of the "Preview," SpamCop shows you the basics of the headers from the message it's about to send. SpamCop always records the connecting IP of the person reporting the spam, and documents the connection in the headers of the complaint. I'm talking about the headers of the *complaint*, not the headers of the spam. The "identity" that SpamCop obscures is the recipient's email address in the spam. Nothing else. The parse will remove the "To" and "For" addresses, and usually all the "Cc" addresses. If it finds the "To" address in the body text, it will munge it, too. The parse can't find email addresses that have been encoded in "remove" links or such, either in the headers, or in the body. For example, username[at]domain.com can be found, but username=domain.com is not a standard format and won't be munged. SpamCop needs full, unaltered headers in their raw state for proper tracking purposes. Modifying "received" lines to protect your identity is not allowed. Deleting your email address is an acceptable practice, but users caught altering the headers of spam in any other way will be cheerfully banned. :-) The only way for users to assure complete anonymity is to not send the reports. Hence the "Mole" option. Mole complaints feed our blocking list database, but no reports are sent out. The act of "sending" the report to devnull (trash) accomplishes our purposes. - Don -
  9. SpamCopAdmin

    ALL my mail is being held :(

    SpamCop users are cheerfully reporting their own service as a spam source. I'm working my way through the list asking them to configure dnsix as one of their mail hosts. - Don -
  10. SpamCopAdmin


    What happens when you try it? - Don -
  11. SpamCopAdmin

    SpamCop Reporting Down

    SpamCop reporting isn't working. All the duty pagers have been set off. - Don -
  12. SpamCopAdmin

    SpamCop Reporting Down

    Use your access link to check on the status of your account. Just pretend you want to manually report spam. SpamCop will likely tell you what the problem is. If not, send me the address you registered with us and I'll look into it. - Don -
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    When you signed up, you elected to register as a "Mole," which means you want to remain totally anonymous. Your complaints feed our stats and blocking list database, but no reports are sent out. You can change your status by re-registering your address and deselecting the "Mole" option. http://www.spamcop.net/anonsignup.shtml - Don -
  14. That looks like the key to me. Your own mail server is refusing to accept the mail from your mail client. = ctb-mesg6.saix.net is NOT on our blocking list. - Don -
  15. SpamCopAdmin

    ISP accounts are not ....

    That's caused by magic. Sometimes SpamCop flags an account as being an ISP abuse address for no reason that we've ever been able to discover. It's easily fixed, though. Just send me the email address you registered with us, and I'll take the flag off. - Don -
  16. SpamCopAdmin

    "Would send" Issues

    I can see the headers of the spam by using the report id. They parse just fine for me. That I can't duplicate. Do you have any feel for what the parse was trying to report when the failure occurred? It must have been in the body, maybe a web link or something? - Don -
  17. Please advise WebTV users that SpamCop's responses to email spam submissions are being rejected by WebTV. http://info.webtv.net/spam/index.html# Thanks! - Don -
  18. SpamCopAdmin

    Returned spam

    Handled by email. - Don -
  19. SpamCop mail to WebTV users is being rejected again. I have contacted WebTV about the issue, but I am not hopeful about a resolution. WebTV users may want to share this information with their provider. 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'<vmx1.spamcop.net[]>: Client host rejected: Resource temporarily unavailable - spam complaints http://info.webtv.net/spam/index.html# From: SpamCop AutoResponder <spamcop[at]devnull.spamcop.net> Subject: SpamCop has accepted 1 email for processing - Don -