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  1. For the past two months, I have been sending in spam reports that have the following when received: Please make sure this email IS spam: From: Robbie Quick <robbiequickls[at]askus.se> (Do you need Viagra?) All of your Favorite RX-Meds are available 0nline! With fast discreet trackable FedEx shipping! View full message Report spam to: Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) To: david.r.williams AT sprint.com (Notes) Who is david.r.williams? Is he still at Sprint? I get two or three spam messages per day which are reported to him, but after two months, I feel that nothing is being done by Sprint.
  2. nursemike

    Spam address broken up

    Lately, all of my spam has the following at the tail end of the message: All of your Favorite RX-Meds are available 0nline! With fast discreet trackable FedEx shipping! No_Prescripti0n_Needed! 0rder Now at - omermax . com The spacing in the "Order Now" was done by the author of the spam. Is there any way to include the "omermax.com" in the reporting of the spam?
  3. nursemike

    Make reporting spam easier

    i agree 100! some mornings when i show 20 - 30 spam messages, i end up deleting them all rather then reporting them and having to spend an hour or more clicking on the reporting link and confirming each one. i am careful when i first send the spam messages to SpamCop.net that they are spam. anything to speed up the process would be much appreciated by me! sorry about the typing. I broke my hand and am typing with just one hand. mike
  4. This is a new thing. Before, when I clicked on the reporting link in the report spam message in Outlook Express, IE would open up and give me the report window at Spamcop.net. After installing SP2, when I now click on the link, nothing happens. BUT, if IE is all ready open to any site, clicking on the link WILL open up a new IE window containing the report spam page. I know this is nothing major, it is just a pain. Any ideas?
  5. nursemike


    I think that a 24 hour freeze might wake somebody up!
  6. nursemike


    Good for them! I wish all of the rest would also. Perhaps then some action might be taken.
  7. nursemike


    This morning I received 22 spam messages. Twenty of them listed hanaro.com as the ISP mentioned in the spam. I wonded if it would be workable for all of the other ISPs of the world to block EVERYTHING coming from hanaro.com? I know, it is just a dream and wishfull thinking, but I think that it might make those in charge at hanaro.com finally do something about their spam problem.
  8. nursemike

    Open SPAM messages

    If I open spam messages, how does the sender of the spam know that I have done so? Sometimes I open them just to make sure that the messages are spam, but yet, I would hate that doing so to mean more spam being sent to me. About munged reports: I find it amazing that some of the largest ISPs, such as SBC and Adelphia are refusing these reports. I have be checking the box and sending them anyway, but will not do so if it means more spam, or viri! Thank God for a good AV checker!
  9. nursemike

    Slow Today?!

    Same here. In the past 5-6 days, it is taking hours Spamcop to send the reports back to me so I may finish the process.
  10. nursemike

    Yahoo! groups

    Most of my spam Hot Stock Tips seem to come from Yahoo groups. They get reported to spam Cop and the SEC.