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    Spamcop listings types

    Hello! New poster here. I have been searching this forum for hours, but cant find the information I need. Perhaps someone can answer to my questions, or guide me in the right direction, where I can find answers myself. 1. If an email user complaints about spam, how much abuses does it take for Spamcop to block IP address and what will be the blocking reason? Spamtrap or user abuse? 2. How Spamcop uses Spamtraps - does it takes only one spamtrap hit for IP being blocked? 3. And if spamtrap hit was 2 months ago, IP address didn't get blocked in that time, it is possible that IP addresses will bee blocked a couple days after the last spamtrap hit? 4. Some time ago I found that IP has been blacklisted only for a couple of minutes or hours, not 24 hours. Why? 5. And the last one, in Wikipedia I found that spamcop blocks IP address if there are users complaints, there is no mentions of spamtraps. Old information? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_DNS_blacklists Thanks!