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  1. Blocking port 25 is not a real answer. It is not too difficult to set up a proxy and send the mail on a different port. This is what Earthlink does to me ... they block port 25 ... yet in order for some of my customers to recieve my email the originating mailserver domain name must match the domain name I use as my email address Here is an example as sent from earthlink myAddr[at]mydomain.com Outgoing server name = smtp.earthlink.net Customer's server sees that mydomain.com MX records do not match to earthlink and thus rejects my email. ... and there is the case of some ISPs not allowing you to use your own domain name when sending email which is another problem all together. Anyway ... what I have resorted to is setting up another port on my remotely hosted server to accept connections for SMTP. This problem gets more complicated if you don't have the ability to control reverse DNS. Fortunately my hosting provider provides a control panel that allows me to manage reverse DNS for my domain and the IPs assigned to me. There really needs to be a better and well thought out system rather than clampling unreasonable restrictions on legitimate users.
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    Double Billing

    I have noticed that my fuel is cosumed when I forward spam to spam Cop and then again when I submit the report. Example I use a tool that forwards all incoming spam not blacklisted by spam Cop to the email address provided by spam Cop (I get on the order of 500 spams a day) When I get the first auto responder and click on the link to report the spam I see that my fuel had been decremented as a result of forwarding the spam to the email address. Then again as I progress through the reporting process I see that my fuel is once more being decremented Should this be happening?