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  1. I don't know if its just because I'm stupid, or because it is something that is really wrong, but just about every single email I run through SpamCop does the exact same thing. I'll copy the email, paying close attention to links in the body, even sometimes going to another computer to open a link just to make sure it's a working, valid link, only to get this line in the parsed results that says: Finding links in message body no links found I've even gone so far as to send myself an email from a throwaway, where the message body was comprised of links to valid sites, such as www.yahoo.com, www.google.com, www.microsoft.com and www.disney.com, only to get the exact same incorrect, erroneous line that says "no links found" How can I have any confidence in SpamCop even doing anything at all with the spam I send in faithfully, when it can't even identify a plain basic link in a message body? Here's another example, the tracking link of most recent one I sent in, just a few minutes ago: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6064250455zcc20fea973806f69be5e23355f5d8b8bz I even went so far as to open the links in another computer (an old laptop that is hopelessly out of date, and pretty much worthless) copy the url from the web browser, and paste them in place in the body text of the message, only to get: Finding links in message body no links found I know bloody %^#& well that there ARE links in the body, because I see them there, and put them there myself. Why doesn't SpamCop identify them, and deal with them?
  2. Well, I'm getting phishing spams from Asia, and they have done something to the headers to the point that SC can't do anything. I don't know enough of the technical jargon mumbo-jumbo to say what the problem is, and I don't think it's permissible to post the full headers I have here (and I don't want to hear anything from anyone about how to find full headers, I do know that much, so don't treat me like a five-year old ) so I don't know what can be done about it, if it can't be reported, and can't be actioned. I forwarded it to PayPal, and they responded that "it appeared to be an invalid sender" so they can't do anything with it either. This is the last straw for me. If SC can't or won't do anything about it, then they can go hang. They won't get the membership money I was going to spend, and I'll spread the word far and wide how useless the service is, and how little the people that run it give a rosy rat's red rear about what people who use it have to say. If they won't or can't address my concerns, then they don't really give a flip about me, so I won't give a flip about them.
  3. Neil: Yes, in the last couple of weeks, about 80% of my spamcop parsings have ended up with the dreaded devnull. Almost makes me just want to forget it.
  4. Gentlemen: I must disagree with the lot of you, for someone has called me "stupid". The fact that it was myself should not eliminate that from consideration. I have, by no means, intended to do anything other than express my frustrations, and while I appreciate the technical discourse from you, (all) as I've said, you are casting pearls before swine. If I appear to have taken offense, rest assured that at no time has that occurred, as I have not yet percieved anyone giving offense. A few of you might have been a little patronizing, but we're all adults here (One would hope...) and your frustrations with me certainly have the potential to be as great as my frustrations with all that #$&%^ spam....
  5. One other thing that bothers me about all this. If the Content-type header says ""multipart/alternative" then that's what's there. Farelf wrote: "You need to be able to view (and copy) the "Message Source" (or equivalent terminology) within your mail client to retrieve the full format of the message body." The version of Yahoo Mail that I use, only gives me the option of "view full headers" and doesn't give me the message source. What I get, is what I copy and paste into the SC parser. Oh, I may have to go in and paste it in Word to remove tabs, reset margins, and take out line-spaces, as I've said, but I do not decide, nor do I control what Yahoo gives me when I click on the "Full Headers" link. I do not use the "new full featured Yahoo! mail" but rather the old, "Basic" Yahoo! mail. I don't like the popup ads, and other problems with the new mail. Please don't assume that I'm stupid, and don't know how to copy and paste, just because I am completely ignorant about how these things actually work. The two are totally different. If I have to change the "Content-type" header to make it work, then it is indeed a problem with SpamCop, and not my purview to alter. A link is a link is a link. The URL is the URL is the URL. There is no way around it, no matter how much jargon, semantics, or hyperbole gets used to describe it. It is really a shame that nothing appears to even happen when an email is forwarded through SpamCop, other than perhaps an uptick in the number of similar spams in my inbox. Do these people even understand that no one likes spam? How is it possible for them to have enough financial gain from even doing it, to make it so prevalent?
  6. Forgive me, gentlemen, but my ignorance of the matter really compels me to only percieve what you have written as jargon and mumbo-jumbo. It means something of great import to you, and I truly appreciate that, but to me, it may as well be Attic Greek. My knowledge level only shows me what I am capable of understanding, which is, as I have said, there are active links in the full message headers I have run through the form, only for it to tell me there are no links present, which I can see with my own eyes not to be true. I know what full headers are, and I know how to get them out of Yahoo, even if I have to paste them into Word, and remove tabs, rearrange the margins, and cut out that bloody extra line-space it puts in between the headers and body. It was weeks before I figured out that only one line-space was permissible. I can's say that I've never submitted an email with an additional link pasted in, but only in a futile attempt to get the bloody thing to recognise a link! The mysterious mechanisms that cause all of this to be so, are so much like a foreign thing to me that they may as well not exist in my view of the matter. It has been said that the native aboriginal North Americans who were here when the ships of the Pilgrims arrived, failed to even see those ships until the Englishmen were literally standing upon the beach, because they had no idea, no concept, and no sense of what a ship even remotely looked like, so much so that the vessels never even registered in their consciousness. I find myself in almost that same situation. You are clearly casting pearls before swine with your explanations. I don't know that I would even call what I wrote that which would even rise to the level of a problem to be reported, as much as it could be called a frustrated vent of an ignorant user.