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  1. I pu my post asking remove from APEWS , then I read your post, it's so truth, this guys are animals, i can't connect to ADOBE servers (to install flash or pdf), i can't connct to GITHUB, nether Koolance (the watercooling company) and many more servers using their ridiculously system. I'm blocked since 2009 and i realize that just today, What a surprice, they don;t have a remove form, and ask to write data in another people servers. really AWSOME, somebody should close them for good. it;s really shamefull. APEWS Today i receoive 30 spams at least, and the spammers how send it today are not block, in never send a spam, even once, in my entire life, and i am listed, FUNY does it! and is not badware spam bot troyan worm i what so ever, i reinstalll my windows every three months max (because of my job). By the way i use spamcop in some email servers, wOrks GREAT, THANKS!!
  2. APEWS: remove request Query: E-387055 IP SUB: Case: C-1375 History: Entry created 2009-06-17 alrready remove malware that was sending the emails Thnaks!!