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  1. Yes of course! This is the last one https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6530636585z175385238ef9c81fac2a7bbb91908ac0z You're right! However it isn't directly obvious for the hosts i send the spamreports to. They are aren't pretending to be Bank of America in the spam and wants you to login to a spoofed site. They are also depending on valid third party e-mails and domain providers. And sometimes also use third party URL shortener services but sometime doesn't. I don't know if it's the same spammer but it could be. They however as evident in the spam report above almost in all cases rely on Outlook. MS doesn't seem to take action or unable to as they create throwaway accounts after another. Should i instead of reporting them as sex spammer use phishing e-mail instead?
  2. Yes good for you but you are dealing with obvious phishing spam i am not. It's a difference since i dealing with sex spam. The sex spammers are running a scam business but it's still not phishing e-mail. Everyone takes spam less seriously.
  3. That would be quite useless because if the spammer use hidden redirection domains you have to go to check the destination domain before being able to check it with Virustotal.
  4. Which domain is that from? I don't recognize it. They usually use domains from Namecheap but mostly bit.ly links. But as said i don't know how they could get their business going? They only rarely get only a few hundred hits if even that. Then the unsuspected user have to throw up the wallet and i guess that's much less, maybe in the single digits? But maybe in the total would amount to several thousand dollars. I know they're running their domains spread out among several hosts. Usually using third party e-mail services to send their spam so they don't go around and compromise servers or domains. I have gotten these sex dating spam for several years now.
  5. Glad for you. It has happened to me too but this sex spammer constantly spam me. He doesn't get any hits either when checking his bit.ly links. I don't know how he goes around. I have other spammers, some Russian or Ukrainian drug pharmacy spam and a Chinese fake handbag spam but it's far as the sex spammer and a couple of phishing spam. I will close my account since it isn't one i use anymore anyway.
  6. Tired of reporting. Bit.ly won't take down the sex dating sites. They seem to ignore Spamcop reports altogether. Amazon promised to take action several times but nothing happens. I've given up. Will close my e-mail account. It's for the better.
  7. Thanks but since this doesn't involve phishing they aren't relevant? And all parties involved resides in the US not Australia. Seems like it. Unfortunately the spam from this sex spammer have increased. It comes in more regularly intervals now. I knew this would happen since I've clicked the spam links but there was no way to know the end resolving domain without doing so. There's no services or programs that follow all the way through his obfuscated domains to the end. Namecheap just pretends they have nothing on him and their reply is Amazon abuse desk just replies with a short reply and urge me to go through National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Seems pointless. I give up! The spammers always wins.
  8. Was it a phishing mail? Amazon doesn't seem to take it serious if it isn't a phishing mail. Well retaliate how? I am sure Amazon doesn't provide or give away that info to the spammer if there's serious claims behind it. How would they trace the reported spam unless Amazon directly provide the spammer with the headers and body? And i can't be bothered to manually change every header, it's too much work. Well it doesn't matter. The spammer is too stupid knowing they send sex spam with underage women and sooner rather than later be put behind bars.
  9. But it doesn't follow redirects? It is trying to load some unknown scripts. Can't be safe?
  10. Yes that's true. But munging the Message ID and non-ISP headers is not recommended. They need all the details I can give them and those might be valuable. If Spamcop doesn't do it except the e-mail address I won't either. My e-mail is a lost cause. It's more a throwaway account for reporting spam nowadays.
  11. Now i follow. Although i can't be bothered munging my e-mail anymore. It's to late for that. I guess you do it manually every time? Yes that one isn't traceable but sometimes my e-mail is in the spam link often with the word campaign to lure the unsuspected user even more into clicking it. But since the spammer already have my e-mail it doesn't. Never seen that string before though. The sex dating dating domains are all scam through and through. Spammers use bots to lure the user into believing they are real people and make them throw up their credit card which essentially make the spammers into phishers in the end. The pictures of the girls/boys are stolen and have an unverified age.
  12. Thank you! What do you mean by offending message with munged headers follows? How do you mung the headers with your name and address? However the destination domain was hosted by either Key-Systems, RRProxy or Google i am not sure which is hosting which. I don't want to type down the domain as it would be traceable by the spammer. There's no trace routes services or functions i know of that would've showed the destination domain. The domains you listed are hosted by Amazon and lies between the domain link found in the spam and the destination domain. I don't know their purpose though.
  13. Thank you! That will help a lot. With this i can improve my reporting even more. Amazon promised to take action now in the last second when i threatened to report them to the government authorities. Now i see that the redirect URL service unfortunately didn't show the destination domain which was hosted by another domain host entirely from Amazon. These spammers are clever. IT's really a pain in the ass. It is also unfortunate that Spamcop isn't that much of a help when they are constantly changing from where they send the spam from and hosts their obfuscated domains. Spamcop will only report the responsible parties in the spam. I really do hope Spamcop does something though even if you have to dig further than what Spamcop does.
  14. They just dismiss my complaints. They send a reply saying the sender IP belonging to Microsoft together with a whois lookup. Well doh they are using Outlook to send their spam. They just don't get it. Do they really think i am stupid. And at the same time saying they can understand my frustration. I don't know what to say. I didn't know the Amazon abuse helpdesk were so dumb.
  15. Is netdaemon really safe? How can i output in txt form when checking redirects? Quite useless site. Whois function doesn't work for example. There are much better alternatives. There are services online that trace the redirect links however often the links themselves have an unique identifier which identify the recipient clicking the link. But since they already have have your e-mail it really doesn't matter. Just make a hell for the spammer.