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  1. My housepet spammer which spams me with spam containing sexual date invitations from women (which is obviously fake) never stopss no matter how many spamcop reports i make. The IP's involved never shows on Spamcops blacklists despite being blocked by many other blacklists. In all these years Spamcop have been very bad blocking any IP's involved from any spammer i've reported . Why should i pay for a service which doesn't give me a satisfied service? Doing it manually is one thing but how many reports does it have to take until the IP's involved shows up on Spamcops BL? Regarding the spammer he usually use URL shortening services to hide the real domain, that way Spamcop will never catch the real domain and both domain host and registrar of that domain neglects any responsibility since that domain isn't listed in the spam itself and he can happily continue pestering me and many others with dozens of porn mails per day. Now can anyone incline me to continue using Spamcop?
  2. Cloudflare gets paid big sums of money from the spammers for their illegal activity and as long as they don't get any law enforcement on them they will let spammer continue do his things. You can write to
  3. Many spammers use these services to avoid their domain which they advertises in their spam to be avoided by e-mail reporting services like Spamcop. Is there a way around that other than to manually report the target domains? Recently this spammer i have got has used the bitly services to avoid being caught. Unfortunately bitly never seem to take any action against him no matter how many Spamcop reports i send so he can happily continue using them without being suspended. If i report the target domains to the webhosts running them they often don't take any responsibility. Cloudflare often don't do anything other than to blame they often act as a reverse proxy. It's very frustrating!
  4. Haha! That will hopefully let them out of their arse!
  5. Thank you for you compassion I contacted the law enforcement in that country where the spam originates from. Hopefully they will do something about it. Those damn web domain hosts that ignores my spamcop and even their own abuse form reports can go to hell!
  6. That's unfortunate. Had problems with both Cloudflare and Name.com ignoring my requests recently and now i have nowhere to complain.
  7. Post a spam report so i can look into it.
  8. I get the same spam with phony and fake dating sites which is hosted by Cloudflare. Talk to me in PM!
  9. Could you not report the network host to ICANN or someone else? Regarding 3) plenty of spam use URL shorteners services and redirection links. One have to manually report to the network provider for the destination domain since Spamcop can't recognize such spam. And those webhost companies providers often neglect any responsibility if their domain isn't explicit visible in the body of the e-mail. Not even if doing it through their abuse form will they care.
  10. That's must be illegal? Does everyone US registrar act that way or is it just NAME.COM? Of course and Cloudflare the webhost have gotten all my Spamcop reports for months now but it seems they either don't care or read them.
  11. I get spam which are directing the user to dating sites. All the dating sites are registered to the registrar Name.com. According to them they are neither the webhost, internet provider or administrator for those domains and also says they weren't used to distribute the domains and says they are not the correct party to contact regarding this matter and should contact the webhost for the domain. Well i agree that i also should contact the webhost but doesn't they also take part since the spam are referencing the domains in question? What should i do?
  12. Mostly spam uses compromised domains and URL shortening services to obfuscate the real domain from which they redirects the person clicking the links to. This is effectively against e-mail spam reporting services such as Spamcop. Is there any service or any kind that checks the URLS without having to click on them and risking my safety and exposing me
  13. Feel for you! Same here. They don't do jack sh**. The problem is i don't own these domains. I use an e-mail service which doesn't have that function.