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  1. klappa

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    You can change the receipt recipients in settings.
  2. klappa

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    But that doesn't forward it to the right abuse address?
  3. klappa

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    How can i automatically change the new email address?
  4. Well that's a shocker. I couldn't agree more.
  5. klappa

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    I foten get Why not info@jpcert.or.jp? I still get spam from ocn.ad.jp. They're doing nothing about it. Also since i get them on my Google mail we have that problem that Spamcop can't parse Google internal IPV6 address. I am beginning to think Spamcop or Cisco just don't care anymore. It will never be fixed.
  6. How would for example Google, Microsoft or Yahoo deal with the problem? Any of these will get the spam reports since Spamcop only trust the last destination line more or less? Won't they get tired of getting spamreports from Spamcop all the time which aren't originated from them from the beginning? So there's no way to report the original sender since the spammers or phishers spoof the other Receiver header lines except the last Receive line anyway and the Anti-spam filters?
  7. What could my third party e-mail host do about it? Is it their duty to anything about it if the spammer or phisher is using another host using a vpn or proxy host?
  8. If that was true they would have faked the other Received headers as well. X-Originating-IP headers and similar are set by the last host that receives them.
  9. Why doesn't Spamcop use the X-originating IP or X-Sender-IP header when it processes the spam? More than I can count i have to manually send a manual report to the HOST of that originating IP in those headers. Every phishing spam now Spamcop only resolves the sender IP as he would sitting on the same DOMAIN i am using my e-mail for. Why does it do that? What can my e-mail HOST do with the spam/phishing e-mail reports when the phisher is using a completely different e-mail provider which should get the Spamcop reports instead. I don't feel like having to send two different spam/phishing reports. I am using Spamcop to do that for me but it seems it really can't do it's job very well.
  10. How can i find out the IPV4 equivalent?
  11. Just give up! Neither GMail nor Spamcop will fix this in the nearest future. Unfortunately.
  12. klappa

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    This will never be resolved. I am grateful for the quick replies i get from the Spamcop devs. But this seems to be running into a black hole. I wished i was more experienced like others in this thread but unfortunately i am not.
  13. klappa

    ocn.ad.jp spam

    I too constantly get fed phishing mails from this provider. They always ignore my reports and other as well it seems.
  14. klappa

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    Does any ISP/Host/CERT organisation take these broken Spamcop reports seriously when one have to break out the Recieve line from the headers and write them down in the comments instead? Greateful for your input! It's very irritating reporting Spamcop using gmail nowadays. This wasn't the case until half a year ago.