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    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    I don't get it I only get the sender IP. Is that the injection? How should i put the message to them? Mentioning it's a bot spam operator doesn't help.
  2. klappa

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    I've recently got a tons of spam from Amazon owned domains. Can't send or forward the spam manually since they ask for addition information, apparently send the whole spam e-mail and the send IP isn't enough for them.
  3. klappa

    reports disabled for spam [at] uce dot org

    How come? Recently a spammer again use Amazon owned domains to finance his spam campaign to send me tons of spam. Now i can't either send spam directly to Amazon and their abuse address (they want additional information ports, destination ports etc) nor the spamcop reports (since get thrown to the dump). And now the US government ignores that a big company in the US time after time send spam to millions of people worldwide and has done it for years and Amazon doesn't care.
  4. klappa

    reports disabled for spam [at] uce dot org

    Why is that? Don't the US want to fight spam anymore?
  5. I don't think it's legit. I have myself reported to that e-mail many times and i still get plenty of spam and phishing e-mails that still get's reported to that abuse email and nothing happens. I think it's owned by the spammer himself. Where can you find that information? Is there any other abuse address I can report to? This spammer have spammed me for years. The spammer hacks sites and e-mails and use them in a botnet.
  6. I have two different e-mails one is Outlook the other one is Gmail. Every time i get a spam on my Outlook e-mail it in almost all cases reports directly to report_spam@hotmail.com. However sometimes i get the same spam on my Gmail e-mail (the spammer supposedly have both of my e-mail addresses.). But the Gmail one reports to the correct spam contacts wherever the Outlook always reports to the hotmail abuse address which it shouldn't do except the spammer send me spam from one using one of Microsofts services? Only in a few instances does Spamcop report to the right abuse contacts when using Outlook, i have no idea why it works in those cases but oh well. Why does it do this? If i recollect rightly this haven't always been the case and it always used to send to the correct instances or abuse contacts. Here's two Spamcop reports, first one from Outlook and the other one from the Gmail e-mail. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6499645284z69efc272a2d2f2b47876f5ca99aa42ddz https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6499643222z25c6ac08119c343450665e089fa8cf61z Since Gmail doesn't work with Spamcop without breaking i had to convert the 6to4 address to an ipv4-address. It's a bad joke which Spamcop haven't correted for years now but i leave that for another time. It just shows that it is meaningless to report spam using Outlook since Spamcop can't handle them properly. At least Outlook is using a proper IPV6 address than a 6to4 private address like Gmail does but it doesn't help Spamcop parsing them properly to the right abuse contacts using Outlook either way. Something is broken.
  7. So we never have to delete the first receive header ever again? The problem is that if we don't the spam will always be passed to abuse at microsoft dot com. Do you think they manually pass through to the right ISP or host owner? I can't believe that, it would require to much work on their part.
  8. I regularly get spam from spammers using third party e-mail providers like Outlook then using redirect links to Amazon hosted adult sex dating domains. What can i do in this instance? Despite creating case after case on Amazon they replied at first promising they would look into this situation but haven't done anything since i keep getting the spam. Obviously Amazon isn't kicking the customer out because I think Amazon don't they have anything to do with it when there aren't anything in the e-mail linking to them except when clicking the the link in the spam. This is very frustrating!
  9. Yea that would be a great idea since Spamcop is to lazy to change dead abuse addresses by themselves.
  10. Trust me i have forwarded and reported with Spamcop nothing helps. Now the sex spammer have a grudge against me. Been spamming me every ten minutes or so using different Amazon servers. I can't bring me together to report everyone of them.
  11. They just give me a reply that i should report missing children cybertip dot org. Really the spam doesn't show naked children but it's obvious it is stolen pictures of women from around the net. Now the spammer (if it's the same that is) sent the same spam a dozen of times. I have now completely given up since the domains i reported weeks ago still are up. American hosts can screw themselves, looks at Amazon. They don't care about anything but the money.
  12. klappa

    No reporting -> Less spam

    How would they every be able to trace you though munged reports? And why would the host or ISP send them the munged reports? It sounds crazy. I don't think you're the only recipient and he sends to hundreds upon hundreds of others he would never be able to trace it back to you.
  13. I won't give up. Any instances i could forward these sex spams to to let them know Amazon gives leeway to child porn?
  14. Just received two sex dating spams today however i haven't checked what domains the spamlinks resolve to. It could be Amazon hosted domains but i am not sure. Anyway care to inspect? https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6537755702z2a6c8c73f60568b083e173773e617c28z https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6537755185z923bf33a4c5c45f7af08454928e034dbz Thank you! But i am pretty sure the domains are resolved to Amazon hosted domains however since Spamcop don't check redirects it's impossible to know without clicking the spamlinks. I have to manually forward the spam directly to Amazon's abuse address. Also every of these Sex spam phishing mail I've got have been sent using an Outlook account. It seems Microsoft doesn't care much. I don't how many reports I've sent them. Also since i don't trust report_spam at hotmail dot com which is being used by Spamcop I also forward the spam directly to abuse at microsoft dot com. Outlook is a spam service nowadays nothing more.
  15. I haven't received them for a while now except very sporadic. But next spam from them i will update this thread with SC Report URLs.
  16. Can someone confirm if report_spam@hotmail.com really works?
  17. If you already forward your spam to their abuse department why do you also use that signature?
  18. 1. Yes Spamcop can't correctly parse when the 1st Receive line is there. It will always go to abuse microsoft com instead of the correct host abuse department. I think it had to do with Microsoft using internal IPv6 addresses or something. 2. I don't follow. Since Spamcop can't follow the spam link it won't identify the Amazon hosted servers the spammers or phishers use and i have to report it manually. 3. Ok! 4. Yes. To every part that Spamcop can identify. 5. Thanks for input!
  19. Yes of course! This is the last one https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6530636585z175385238ef9c81fac2a7bbb91908ac0z You're right! However it isn't directly obvious for the hosts i send the spamreports to. They are aren't pretending to be Bank of America in the spam and wants you to login to a spoofed site. They are also depending on valid third party e-mails and domain providers. And sometimes also use third party URL shortener services but sometime doesn't. I don't know if it's the same spammer but it could be. They however as evident in the spam report above almost in all cases rely on Outlook. MS doesn't seem to take action or unable to as they create throwaway accounts after another. Should i instead of reporting them as sex spammer use phishing e-mail instead?
  20. Yes good for you but you are dealing with obvious phishing spam i am not. It's a difference since i dealing with sex spam. The sex spammers are running a scam business but it's still not phishing e-mail. Everyone takes spam less seriously.
  21. That would be quite useless because if the spammer use hidden redirection domains you have to go to check the destination domain before being able to check it with Virustotal.
  22. Which domain is that from? I don't recognize it. They usually use domains from Namecheap but mostly bit.ly links. But as said i don't know how they could get their business going? They only rarely get only a few hundred hits if even that. Then the unsuspected user have to throw up the wallet and i guess that's much less, maybe in the single digits? But maybe in the total would amount to several thousand dollars. I know they're running their domains spread out among several hosts. Usually using third party e-mail services to send their spam so they don't go around and compromise servers or domains. I have gotten these sex dating spam for several years now.
  23. Glad for you. It has happened to me too but this sex spammer constantly spam me. He doesn't get any hits either when checking his bit.ly links. I don't know how he goes around. I have other spammers, some Russian or Ukrainian drug pharmacy spam and a Chinese fake handbag spam but it's far as the sex spammer and a couple of phishing spam. I will close my account since it isn't one i use anymore anyway.
  24. Tired of reporting. Bit.ly won't take down the sex dating sites. They seem to ignore Spamcop reports altogether. Amazon promised to take action several times but nothing happens. I've given up. Will close my e-mail account. It's for the better.
  25. Thanks but since this doesn't involve phishing they aren't relevant? And all parties involved resides in the US not Australia. Seems like it. Unfortunately the spam from this sex spammer have increased. It comes in more regularly intervals now. I knew this would happen since I've clicked the spam links but there was no way to know the end resolving domain without doing so. There's no services or programs that follow all the way through his obfuscated domains to the end. Namecheap just pretends they have nothing on him and their reply is Amazon abuse desk just replies with a short reply and urge me to go through National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Seems pointless. I give up! The spammers always wins.