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    I could not have said this better myself: Spamcop exists to free us from unwanted solicitation ala email. It protects us from fraudulent spam and repeated unwelcome solicitations. My email box is a private location which should be protected from people trying to push their interests and separate me from my money. I wish for NO commercial solicitations in my email box unless we have an agreement ahead of time that there is an interest for this. This does not mean that everyone in the world who wants to sell me something, award me my Nigerian millions, expand me penis OR breasts, refinance my house which I do not own, get me drugs that I do not need, etc, etc, etc can try to contact me through my email box to ask for this permission. Spamcop is all we've got to protect OUR interests and OUR email boxes from crooks, practicers of fraud, anyone who wants to sell anything, or flood OUR boxes with THEIR stuff. I conduct BUSINESS through my email. I TALK to my FRIENDS through my email. This is MY EMAIL BOX. I want it PROTECTED from unwelcome intrusions by corporate entities EXACTLY LIKE that of Scott Richter's Opt In Real Big. He should be prosecuted for attempting to jeopardize OUR privacy with his actions against Spamcop. Legal actions by spammers or email-marketers to impinge OUR rights and OUR privacy can not stand. Eric Kimminau Clarkston, MI Sign me up. I just set up a mail filter that looks for moosq as part of the sender for all mail I receive. I am already using junk filters so most of it had already been sorted. I just got 4 more messages that passed through all my other filters in the last 24 hours. My evidence repository is now in business.