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  1. Whose arse do I need to kick to stop this BS from spam cop. I can send the same person an email address from my home or even from McDonald, but as soo as I get to my big posh office block spam cop pops up to wind me up.......... so I follow the link, I try and dispute and then?????..... the form doesn't work. Don't painc surely spam cop is run by a human being who I can shout at??? I guess not because there no phone numbers anywhere!!!!! So instead of spending my working day running my company, sending invoices, I spend toooooo long trying to sort spam cops BS!!!!! and even have to join this crock of S**T to try and get any response what so ever. best so far was I checked my IP address to see if it was blocked and its not even listed??? WHY IN GODS NAME ARE YOU BLOCKING MY EMAILS THEN?????