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  1. I got an email about the new "mail host" thing. I followed the instructions. Since then nothing has made sense. I can't navigate from the Web pages to anything connected with the mail host thing, can't find the list of mail hosts you are talking about, and if I follow the link in the second email and paste a spam message into the box it complains that there is no cookie. I log in and it tells me something like "unknown action." This seems like a real mess. As someone concerned about spam and willing to submit or file 100-200 confirmed spam message per day, I am willing to go to a little trouble to do it but not this. I'm going to have to stop reporting spam to SpamCop.
  2. Wazoo: Somehow I'm not at all surprised by your response. I guess all this SpamCop and especially the new mail hosts stuff is just not for really technical people. There's something very nonintuitive about it that seems to be perfectly OK with nontechnical people. I've been designing and writing software for 40 years and have been active in development of Internet software since the Internet became available to the public. I developed a Web server for a mainframe manufacturer, I run my own servers, etc., etc. If I have trouble understanding what SpamCop is doing and requesting of us, it's SpamCop's problem, not mine. Your response helped me make my decision. I have better things to do. I won't be reporting spam to SpamCop anymore nor contributing any more money. Have a nice life.