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  1. Hello,

    This post is especially addressed our esteemed moderator Jeff G.

    While researching spam filter content for various articles I have in the works

    I found some docs on how the spam cop process works after a spam incident

    is reported. It is from a pretty high level source I trust but before I use any of this

    info I would like to verify it.

    Mostly this is what I want to verify:

    Source: http://www.brayden.org/twiki/bin/view/Software/SpamCop

    Very recently, SpamCop has changed its blocking policies. Today, SpamCop will list you for up to 6 hours for each of the first two complaints. If you only received two complaints, and it was more than six hours ago, then you're already off their list.

    On the third complaint, you're listed for 72 hours.

    Is there online documentation where I can confirm this or can someone provide

    me with a contact address or phone number?


    Chris Lang