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    WTF is laposte.net blocked ?

    There is a common misconception that blocking spam during the SMTP session is incompatible with giving end-users control over filtering policy. There is also: C. Provide fine-grained end-user control over what rules are used to reject spam at SMTP. see http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html#relay and http://www.postfix.org/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html for how you can do this in one commonly used MTA.
  2. if your list is contaminated with unconfirmed subscribers who happen to be spamcop users or spamtraps, the only way to avoid future spamcop reports will be to start over with an empty list.
  3. sommerfeld

    Option to reject HTML mail?

    see http://www.postfix.org/uce.html
  4. sommerfeld

    Option to reject HTML mail?

    Filters which run in real time during the SMTP session can return an error to the DATA command based on the message content and have been used to reject HTML-only email.
  5. sommerfeld

    Company Outgoing Mail blocked

    .. because that address is a neighber of the incomparable Scott Richter. good neighbor you've got there..
  6. sommerfeld

    General Questions

    I find this very difficult to believe -- refusing delivery in SMTP with a 5xx error code I could believe might be far more effective, and it doesn't run the risk of backscatter nailing the innocent.
  7. sommerfeld

    My email is blocked

    "System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop).." DId you click through and read http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= ? appears to be at the far end of a DSL line in poland. Your system may have been compromised and could be acting as a spam relay, or it may be misconfigured to bounce undeliverable mail rather than refusing it.
  8. sommerfeld

    Getting blocked even if not sending email

    y'know, when you spew obvious B&^%S$[at]# like that you sound like a spammer. Before you reply, you should be aware that we've all heard these other excuses, too..
  9. sommerfeld

    Not receiving any reports

    If you can't figure out how to opt yourself into one of their lists without help from their salemen, it's probably not legit. If you can figure it out, do due diligence: set up a new email address with no obvious connection to your existing net identities. opt it in to the lists you want to "purchase". monitor it for a month or two at minimum and see what you get. My prediction: if you're dealing with a business with "opt" in its name, the new address will become very useful as a spamtrap.
  10. sommerfeld

    Not receiving any reports

    Oh, that's an easy question to answer. Why didn't you say that in the first place? For all practical purposes, assume any "opt-ins" list you can buy will be dirty (containing spamtraps and/or addresses who haven't actually consented to recieve mail *from you*) and will result in spamcop reports and other stains on your reputation. By buying them and then sending mail to them, you're engaging in "black-hat" spammer behavior and, in the opinion of many people who care about the internet email system, are not entitled to anything other than disconnection from the internet.
  11. sommerfeld

    Getting blocked even if not sending email

    Note that it appears to be routine for clients to use creative/fraudulent definitions for "opt-in". If you can't figure out how to opt-in, and then opt-out, an address to a client-run list they're probably not really opt-in.
  12. sommerfeld

    Infinity Resources?

    That looks like a locally hacked copy of spamassassin; the total score adds up to 5.1 points vs the normal blocking threshhold of 5.0. Of the tags which hit, a bunch of these suggest that the sender's mailer is misconfigured/not standards-conformant. this is usually a good but hardly perfect indicator of spam.
  13. sommerfeld

    Getting blocked even if not sending email

    Since when? since shortly after spammers started abusing weaknesses in the mail protocols to obscure the origin of their offal. It's much easier to track down and hurt the spammer via the spamvertised website than via the mail origin. Yes, this is not perfect (see "Joe Job"). But a joe-job victim can often adjust their website in a way that makes it clear that they don't want to benefit from the spamrun.
  14. sommerfeld

    What should I do with this?

    So, if they're doing address harvesting from web sites, they're violating CAN-spam -- criminal activity under US federal law.
  15. sommerfeld

    Campaigner - GotMarketing - GoMarketing

    Not necessarily. While "can-spam" makes certain conduct illegal, messages which are conformant with the requirements of "can-spam" may still violate *other* laws, Moreover, spammers have been known to lie about many other things -- why wouldn't they lie about whether their excrement is can-spam-compliant?
  16. I sent it to deputies[at]spamcop.net earlier today.
  17. And, one more. The FAQ now says: I reported one today, and the parser gave me the usual "this message appears to be a virus. don't report viruses" error. Huh?
  18. IMHO, mail from recruiters *is* commercial drek. (it's undisputably "commercial", and "drek" is in the eyes of the beholder). "untargeted" is, again, impossible to divine without knowing the intent of the sender. i'll keep reporting them as spam. if multiple people are getting and reporting the messages, spamcop can determine whether they're bulky.
  19. Under the "unsolicited bulk email" definition, the new FAQ does not provide adequate guidance for how spamcop users, based on receiving a single copy of an unsolicited message, are supposed to determine that, in fact, the message actually was sent to more than one recipient. Are we supposed to use psychic powers or something? Admittedly, certain cases (H3rb/\|_ V1akra) will be obvious. others, less so. As a specific example, I get occasional spam from recruiters which is aimed at trying to find someone with approximately my (relatively rare) skillset, but the messages are "bulky" in the sense that my name and email address were almost certainly probably scraped off of a web site (conference attendee lists, that sort of thing). But I have no idea whether the recruiter sent out one, two dozen, or five hundred messages...
  20. sommerfeld

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    legitimate is in the eye of the mailbox owner. yahoo groups do not use generally accepted best practices for list management (aka confirmed opt-in). One of my email addresses was subscribed to a yahoo group without my permission. As spam is generally defined by *consent*, not *content*, all messages sent to me from yahoogroups are spam, even if *other* people want them. I reserve the right to report such messages as spam.
  21. sommerfeld

    Recipients who refuse munged reports....

    this is only slightly related, but I'd really like to see spamcop publish a DNSBL listing the ip's of sites who have refused munged reports, so I could block the spam sooner...
  22. sommerfeld

    Does it ever end ?

    do you have any idea how many dodgy-sounding "solicitations for business partnership" I get a day as spam? the recipient was correct to report it as spam, and if your ISP disconnected you, more power to them.
  23. sommerfeld

    Too many email responses!

    If you send multiple spam messages at once (multiple attachments to a single message) you get a single message in response (spamassassin doesn't let you do that, alas..) you could also use something like procmail or the like to filter the spamcop responses into a distinct mailbox..
  24. sommerfeld

    listwashing moron

    Got this in response to a spam complaint. "Hello SpamCop user, We are sorry that you considered our email as spam. The Systems Thinking Press and its sister company Centre for Strategic Management is a reputable international company in business for 20 years. We do not have your name listed in our database. If you be so kind to respond to this email with your email address I make sure that your information will be deleted. Donna Galloway Director of Operations Centre for Strategic Management www.csmintl.com Systems Thinking Press www.systemsthinkingpress.com Email: donna[at]csmintl.com Tel: (619) 275-6528 Fax: (619) 275-0324"
  25. sommerfeld

    listwashing moron