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  1. As far as I can see, my Mailwasher Pro is already configured to use the SpamCop blacklist. But how should it be working? I'm getting a ton of spams from addresses hosted by B2Netsolutions.com and have been using SpamCop (via MailWasher) to report them. Yet I keep on getting them. When I report them are they being added to SpamCop's blacklist? Should I continue to receive them and need to keep reporting them? With other spams I've reported I've often seen a message something along the lines of telling me that the host has acknowledged the problem and that it would be fixed by a certain date/time. And as far as I can tell, it was fixed and I don't get messages from them anymore. But in spite of reporting B2Netsolutions over and over (well over 100 times now) I keep on getting those.
  2. Over the last couple of weeks I've gotten HUNDREDS (really!) of spams, all from addresses hosted by B2Netsolutions.com. I've been reporting them all. Still the spams continue. I see from the above comments that I too was under the misconception that using SC would directly stop/reduce the spam. SIGH I'll have to check out Spamassassin as suggested above. But I use MailWasher Pro on my PC to pre-filter incoming emails and also to report spam to SC. I hope Spamassassin will work with that. Obviously whoever is running B2Netsolutions.com doesn't care at all about the spam reports he gets.
  3. Only problem is that I'm using MailWasher Pro to filter my email and it is through MailWasher that stuff gets flagged as spam and then I just click on the SpamCop report icon and "wash" my mail and it's gone! Deleted off the server AND reported. And I don't even have to open the email to do that. Reporting it manually would require that I open it which I'm reluctant to do for the extra work and possible risk in opening an email. And I know that it's spam because the title and all that I can see is in what looks like Russian Cyrillic characters and I have no idea what it says. Definitely spam. Sure hope the issue gets resolved soon.
  4. Don, IF I do need to email that to you, where do I find your email? Oops, I guess that's the ...[at]... in your signature line. You did that to fool the bots? Fooled me too.
  5. Thank you Don and Steve (as well as "Newbie" for confirming the issue). I'll check out that FAQ and get back if I need more help. Otherwise I'll just wait patiently for whatever needs to be fixed to be fixed.
  6. Suddenly (today) I am no longer getting the "[spamcop] has accepted 1 email for processing" emails. I've been actively reporting emails for a month now and have always gotten those emails. (And then I'd click on the link in the email and send the report.) And as recently as early this morning I was still getting them for anything I reported. Then from this morning on, nothing. Yet I've reported close to 20 emails today. And when I log onto my Spamcop account there is nothing waiting to be processed. I am running Win7 64 bit with Mailwasher Pro as my email scanner and report spam via that. And it's still set up to do that with the proper Spamcop account settings. Has something changed at the Spamcop end? Any idea what's up?