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  1. Sometimes the spam comes in and the subject line contains my own email address. (eg, "Morg2, get rich quick"). If I click "send reports" from the spamcop report, the report of course shows the spam's subject line. And if that subject line has my name, everyone involved in the handling of this report will see it. I tried to simply highlight and delete, but that isn't available from the "send report" web page. Is there a way to process such spam without sharing my name?
  2. Well, they're older than 2 hours but not old enough to be archives! They are a couple weeks old. I want to delete some, because they contain the links to reports which I was referencing. Now that I've received answers to my questions, there isn't any further need to have them posted; and I don't like that anyone can still come along and view the links and get info from it. (Some names and some email addresses were not redacted on the reports). If I can't delete, I'd at least like the ability to edit so I can remove that stuff from being harvestable. I'm sure that this group, who are aware of the danger, must have written in the ability to do that? I just cannot find it. Help.
  3. I know this is an old discussion, but I could not find a way to delete or edit previous posts. I came to the link mentioned above by a few different routes, but all that remains there these days is the message below. So, where is the edit or delete button? "Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2"
  4. Done! Thanks a lot Lking!!
  5. Hi, I just submitted some spam and got the report The "report spam to" lines are and I am a noob, but the appearance of spamcop's name in these seems suspicious to me. Is this some spammers attempt to avoid being reported? Should I go ahead and click "send reports" on this?
  6. Thanks Lking, I have indeed pointed the spam out to my friend, and sent him the link to Spamcop, too! (actually, his email address was not in the FROM -- it was a fake address that contained his name but wasn't any actual address of his. Same effect, though). So tell me: on my report, at the bottom where it showed "send report to" (and that spdnetwork stuff), could I / should I have manually added some sort of abuse@gmail address to send the report to, also? I do understand that the spamcop system might be programmed to generally ignore the easily forged stuff, but since this one appeared to actually be trying to get my reply sent to it, could I have helped by reporting him/her myself? Is that something you would do?
  7. I got a spam that was trying to look like it was from someone I know. The "From" line on the spam showed his name, but the "Reply To" was a gmail address that had nothing to do with him. If I click "reply", the autofill address in the "to" line is that gmail email. I reported the spam and Spamcop came back saying that the reports go to "" and "". (Not the first time I've encountered crap from, whoever they are). Tracking URL deleted I'm just wondering why Spamcop didn't suggest sending the report to gmail? If the abuser is using gmail to phish, shouldn't they be notified too, so they can use their resources to hunt the guy (or at least shut down his account)? Maybe I don't understand, but that's why I'm asking the smarter people here! Thanks.
  8. Usually yes but it seems that if the spam is really long (lots of redirects and gibberish) then "show original" only goes so far, then stops. I can't get the rest of it to show, therefore it won't be complete enough to forward. But thanks for all your helpful suggestions, I really appreciate it! Nobody jumped in with any alternative email providers I might try?
  9. Another problem with reporting this way is that, because I use POP, everything I send from gmail webmail gets forwarded back to my computer's inbox. So I get an incoming email on my desktop for each report I forward to Spamcop. Apparently there is no way to set gmail to NOT put your own sent items into your inbox (with POP). The volume involved is certainly going to make this untenable. I'm back to having to choose between convenience vs active fighting. Argh. I hate gmail and I've only used it one week!
  10. New problem, I tried to do the process with some just now and got a "no header" error from Spamcop. The "show original" on gmail didn't give the entire message, it gave about a page and ended with "part 002", but there was no part 2. I'm thinking gmail just isn't any good for reporting spam. Can anyone suggest other webmail sites that work better but still offer spam folders?
  11. OK, thanks again kris! Very very helpful! I was able to submit some spam using that method. Regarding the general advice to use gmail: I am unhappy to learn that there is no way to select several spams at once and just click 'forward'. SInce I'm getting about 75 spams per day, the above method will likely be impossible for me to keep up. Hence I am apparantly forced to choose between: my own convenience (using gmail and having a spam filter which I will simply empty) vs, actively fighting the spam and moving these scum towards a blocklist (using my original email, where I can report say 20 at a time in webmail without wasting my time opening each one). Tough call. But thanks for all the advice, either way. I love Spamcop!
  12. Thanks kris for that helpful detailed answer. But other than your desire to redact your own email addy, is it necessary to go through the "save" step? I really really really, REALLY don't want to be opening a 'vitara' ad in webmail only to save the disease on my computer. Is that the only way to do this?
  13. After I asked a couple other questions here, in which a few members urged me to open a gmail account to reduce spam, I've just given in and done so as an experiment. Of course I still get spam but now it is relegated to a spam folder, which is pretty nice. BUT!!! It seems that by doing this I have eliminated my ability to forward the spam to Spamcop? With my other email ISP, it was fairly easy: I signed in to my webmail, selected the spam, and clicked "forward" to my Spamcop reporting address. With gmail, I sign in to webmail, select the spam, but there doesn't seem to be a "forward" button? I see menus for selecting the emails, for deleting or for taking it out of spam, for moving to other folders, for labelling, for marking as read etc; but no forward? Is anyone an "old pro" at gmail and can tell me if there's a way to report the spam from there?
  14. My cheap cut-rate ISP offers no spam filtering; they only allow me to set a spam score, above which they will prevent any emails from reaching me. Ever. There is no spam folder to go back and check. Yeah, I know. (But the money I save using them, I happily send to support Spamcop!) But anyway: apparently a "normal" spam score to draw the line at is 15. I have tried turning mine down as far as 5 but I still get spam, and meanwhile a lot of my real email vanishes forever. I noticed a lot of spam appears to have really low scores -- like the one below, if I am reading correctly, came out with 1.58??? Obviously if I set my "score" that low I wouldn't get any emails at all. But these fake "invoices" or "receipts" or "tracking numbers" seem to be the latest thing in spam, so surely something in this garbage should have scored a few points? Is there a problem with the scoring system? Can I do anything more?
  15. Here's just a couple from today: Mean anything to you guys?