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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. It appears that the NHS IP is still currently de-listed so fingers crossed. We are looking at changing to an Exchange provider/system where we would be able to whitelist an IP address and are currently considering Exchange through Office 365. Hopefully the NHS admin are now in control of this but we need to have options available to future proof against this should it happen again. David
  2. Of course, I meant National Health Service in the title, not Care.
  3. Hi This week the entire NHS email network (IP has been blacklisted by SpamCop on and off every day since Tuesday. As our own email provider uses SpamCop to filter incoming email it means that we have had serious problems all week in receiving any email from people with [at]nhs.net email addresses. I'm sure the NHS admins keep requesting a de-listing and that they are having problems solving the source issues (there must be millions of .nhs.net employees) but it keeps happening. Is there any way to whitelist such a large organisation? From our own point of view we are having to change to a new email host that doesn't use SpamCop as 2 way contact with the NHS is essential to our business but surely allowances can be made? It's interesting to note that their IP address is not listed at SpamHaus and other spam checking sites. Thanks David