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  1. I totally understand Wpietri's comment. I too signed up for spamcop and payed for it. Now it seams i am still vulnerable to spam like those nasty bounces. I have to deal with them like i used to deal with spam earlier. Regarding weather or not we accepted the agreement, i think we are in title to an understandable explanation (we are not all computer specialists) and no threats with fines etc... and we just wanted to get rid of spam and were willing to pay for such a service.
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    Concerning the support, i meant of course an e-mail adress so i can e-mail directly to a support division of spamcop. The adress you provided leads me back to these forums. Thanks anyway.
  3. I want to change my username (and thus also my e-mail adress) with spamcop. Is this possible and if so, how do i do that ?
  4. Since a few days i keep getting a lot of e-mails that say that the user i send an e-mail to could not be reached. Of course i never send any e-mail to those users indicated in the e-mail and the senders adress always begins with 'mailer-daemon[at]..' and then always something else behind it. These e-mails arrive directly into my spamcop e-mail account. Can anyone help me out with this please ? (btw...is there no support adress on spamcop.net ?)