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    yes, believe it or not, my story is true powweb of course did not believe me since my site was advertized in that letter I did not mention my URl because I have just spent enough time trying to prove to my hosting company that I advertize it only though legal channels, and therefore I am not going to use this forum as an opportunity to advertize my site the reporting was done by SpamCop this is how I learned bout the existence of SpamCop and this is why I wrote here about the problem powweb sent me a copy of the letter advertizing my site in a warning letter and then disabled the http service within 24 hours, even before I had time to check my mail and read about the warning powweb finally decided it was time to believe my story and my site is online again after being off 5 days following one single report from SpamCop why did not SpamCop contact me first? I still would have done as I did the past few days, which was to write to the email address on that spam letter and join that yahoo group to try to contact the person(s) responsible for sending that spam mail advertizing my site and to ask the person(s) to remove my URL from that spam letter ( assuming they wished to continue sending such spam, I personally do not choose spam as a method to advertize my site and would have refused to have my site mentioned if my permission would have been sought) if I would have been contacted first , then my site would not have been online for that long following one single report and also I would not have gone into so many " circles' with powweb trying to tell them that I cannot prove that I had nothing to do with a spam I knew nothing about
  2. hi I would like a suggestion towards a SOLUTION of the following problem someone decided to send spam and included a list of webpages as part of his spam letter, that person decided to include the URL to my domain this was obviously done WITHOUT my permission powweb is telling me to stop the spam, I can't I don't know how to spam and I don't know how to stop it the only thing I could do was to cancel all web mail using my domain after reading the copy of the spam letter sent to you by a complainant, I noticed that there was an email there and also the invitation to join a yahoo group on January 28, I joined that yahoo group so I could send the group owner a message similar to the one sent at the email address mentioned in the spam. I asked the person to remove the URL of my webapge from his list of spam-mail and I told him about the trouble that he caused me that person never answered my email, but he received it as it did not bounce, he approves all messages to his yahoo group and since he posted messages received after mine, then he obviously had to screen my message concerning the spam he sent now I still have problem with powweb, they tell me to confirm that I stopped the spam reported by SpamCop how in the world do I do this??????? I did NOT send the spam, I had NOTHING to do with it, I don't even know who sent it why am I being penalized for something I had nothing to do with??? too bad the person liked my webpage and decided to recommend it on his spam mail and now he succeeded into getting my page off the net!!! but ..... what am I supposed to do to get powweb to re-enable my http service??? let's not go into a circle -> don't tell me to agree to stop spam while I am asking you help to solve this problem ( I don't like spam any more than the person who complained to you about me doing spam) telling me to stop doing what I don't even have the computer skills to do is NOT A SOLUTION so ... let's not go into a circle of you telling me <stop the spam> and me saying < how> or then you saying <simply stop> and me saying < help me> or then you say <confirm you stopped> and me saying < where is the help> I am already doing this circle dance with powweb for about one week now please tell me how I can solve this problem and finally get my webpage back online you know, it is entirely possible that not everybody listed in a spam letter is guilty of being affiliated with spamming, I know, I did nothing and I am blacklisted hoping you are the one who will finally offer me a useful suggestion to solve this problem thank you for your time