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    newbies question..

    I have been reporting for a number of years, paying for 'Fuel' as I go. I also am getting a little bored going to the web form to Recheck and Send each report, having already checked them before sending. It is very time consuming, especially when reporting 150 spams per day. I have read a lot about quick reporting and I think I have read all the 'how to' stuff on the forums and FAQs. One thing I don't understand is, What is meant by Setting up a A MailHost and how would I go about it. I am an individual user Using my ISP's SMTP for sending and my Domain host's POP3 server for receiving. Regards to all from ~Mike~
  2. MikeRG

    Analyzing header

    (I am a domain owner using a hosting provider.) I am currently Using Catchall and it has worked well in the past, but, with the devious methods that spammers are now using to obtain mail lists I am beginning to realise the error of my ways. Currently receiving an average of 214 spams per day sent to Invented, harvested and immorally (if not illegally) passed on addresses. All to ***[at]mydomain.xyz. Many that use a legitimate prefix and add one or two characters to it. Like many others, I originally used catchall so that when I needed to supply an email address on line, I used part of their name as the prefix. That way I would know if they had passed it on to spammers. The trouble is that over the last 10 years or so, I have given out many different addresses that I have not kept track of. I am currently reporting the 214 spams per day (137 today and its only 10:15am), and analysing the Sent To addresses so that I can add the genuine ones as separate pop3 accounts, eventually eliminating the need for catchall. Some statistics that you may (or may not) find interesting. Using 1392 reported spams (6.5 days) My interpretation of the way that Email addresses originated Harvested.........................13% Passed on.........................67% Invented...........................20% Spammed addresses..........27 (***[at]mydomain) Domains Received from....475 (***[at]anydomain) . . . . . . yahoo[dot]com.......99 = (8.6%) Top culprit . . . . . . fastmail[dot]ca.......17 = (1.5%) Second culprit These are genuine as of 10:27am Oct-17-2006 (GMT) This is why I now only give out my Hotmail email address to On line requests. Hotmail accounts being free, I may open a few more and use them the same way. When I stop using my catchall facility, what should I do with rejected mail? Bounce it or Delete it These are the two choices that my host offers. I understand that to bounce could cause problems for innocent victims of spammers using false Sent From addresses and increases traffic. To delete, will not inform the sender that this address does not exist and they will still keep sending. I hope the stats help. Thanks and regards to all ~Mike~
  3. I am also getting this type of mail but am sending submissions by email.. I am not getting any error mails from Spamcop but I think that is normal for mail submissions. I have just tested a WebForm Submission and by removing the offending Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable lines from the spam, it accepted and parsed the mail with no errors There were some lines that had the 3D denotation but I left them as they were. I hope this helps Mike
  4. MikeRG

    Spamcop requires the full Message

    Thanks for all the info. Limits etc.. I shall use the 100k Limit and check to see that they are all accepted. I have noticed that some of the attachments being sent are 30-40k each. The Application has been fully functional for 5 Days Now. Reading detecting and submitting at 30 minute intervals. The only tedious part is manually confirming each submission. The Size Limits have not been implimented yet and so far all submissions have been confirmed as reported, including one extreme session when 1 mail went through with 56 spam Attachments. Now that I have these limits I shall work at dividing the total attachments between emails, keeping the accumulative attachment size per email below the said limit. I am getting some rather interesting Stats from the app that will help me work out where spammers are getting the addresses from. If No-one objects I will post some of the stats here after running for a month. Thanks again for all the help Mike
  5. MikeRG

    Spamcop requires the full Message

    Thanks for the info Wazoo I have copied/pasted your suggested text into the Online submission form and it works perfectly.. Just need to perfect the Automatic Submit via Email part now. Which is best.. To submit via Attachments (Many attachments in one eMail) Many Emails containing one Attached Message Forwarding individual Messages Forwarding many messages in one eMail with seperators Thanks again I shall post my progress here if no-one minds Regards to All Mike
  6. MikeRG

    Parser Stuck (?) When Quick Reporting

    I am not sure which submission method I use;- I send spam via attachments to a personal URL that SpamCop issued when I subscribed. In the past I have always received 1 report per submitted mail. Recently however I have been getting unpredictable results... There appears to be no particular pattern. I send 6 submissions and get 3 reports 6 submissions and get 0 reports etc Some of the reports I DO get are to tell me that the messages can not be parsed (Or Like) I have tried 1 attachment per email (6 emails) 6 attachments in one email All give the same unpredictable report reliability Please excuse my terminology, I am no expert, just a mere human. Regards to all Mike
  7. I am a retired VB developer and have decided to use some of my spare time writing an email client which includes reporting spam to SpamCop. I need a couple of answers rather than wasting Spamcop server time experimenting. What denotes the start and end of a "Full Message". For example Message Start ----------------------------- +OK **** octets follow. Return-Path: <kelgfndmlc[at]secrel.com.br> Delivered-To: 12345678[at]1234567.whatever etc. ----------------------------- Do I need to include the First line above Message End ------------------------------ blah Message Body blah ----811381287049581174-- . -------------------------------- Do I need to include the final Stop(dot) and LF CR that denotes -End of Message- I have tried various combinations with varying results. With some I get no reports, others I get reports that say submission could not be parsed (Or Like) Kind regards to all Mike
  8. MikeRG

    Subscribe to this forum?

    Hi All, I have Subscribed to various forums here and receive an email when a new post is submitted. When I click on the link in the email, I am sent to a forum error page containing the following message; Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken. I have tried clicking the link in the email and also cutting and pasting it to the address box in my browser for example, I received the following link this morning. http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2845 Can anyone cast some light on this for me. Thanks Mike I arrive at a page informing me that I may have typed the address incorrectly or the link has expired.
  9. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Hi All, Since my last post I have downloaded and tried SpamSource by Chris Price I said I would post my findings so here they are. I must admit I am quite impressed, it parses the spam, creates individual emails (addressed to my Spamcop submittal address) and places them in the outbox ready for sending. I am using the free (Lite) version and support is good (I had a small technical hitch which Chris sorted in a very short time). In other Threads, I have read that some Spamcoppers feel Plug-ins like this should be Free and that many developers ask for money after a trial period. As far as I am aware there are no charges for this version of SpamSource. View the link above to satisfy yourself. This has solved the problem for me. Regards to all Mike
  10. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Hi everyone. I have tried submitting via email attachment, by dragging the spam into a new message with no message or subject as suggested in ealesnj's instructions. Whether I send single or multiple spams, I get the same result. Included in the autoresponse is the partially parsed attachment, which I can make out both the separated header and message parts of the spam. I do appreciate that an automated parsing scri_pt or program has set methods for detecting the Header start/end and Message start/end and its not the same as me reading through. I am considering writing a small external application that could read the spam from Outlook and separate the header and message sections in a way that Spamcop could recognise. What to do with the resulting output would depend purely on what is acceptable by SC's submittal methods. The choices would be either by submitting via email or by sending directly to the two-part form at Spamcop. To help me get started can anyone tell me what Spamcop looks for in the way of these markers and how spam cop likes the submittal to be formatted. Have kept a text dump of the details that were returned with the message if anyone wants to see it. I have not posted it here because it contains email addresses etc. Regards Mike
  11. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Thanks for all these replies. Wazoo OMG - You are absolutely correct - The only tie between Explorer and Outlook is my stupidity. I apologise for creating the confusion at the begining of this thread and also for not realising the mistake, even when you first pointed it out to me in your first reply. I have only just realised my error by reading your post as quoted above. It was a genuine typo in the first place but I have no excuse for not realising it until now. Again, sorry for the confusion and thanks for all the help. I have yet to try these suggestions, (In Outlook, not Explorer) and will post a message here with the results. Mike
  12. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Thanks for the reply Spambo. My apologies for not including that I am using Explorer in my first post. Please see my reply to Wazoo. -Mike
  13. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Thanks Wazoo for your reply and assistance. I had read the article at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/19.html but being a newcomer to Spamcop, I had also just finished reading all the other pages of instructions and explanations about how Spamcop works, the rules for submiting spam etc etc. With all this reading I missed the line that states that It is not possible to use SpamCop's email submission system with Outlook unless you use one of the add-on programs or similar macro. Again, being a complete newcomer to Spamcop, I am not completely aware of the names that have been adopted for given situations like Outlook ot Endurer and issues, (although I shall learn). I thought that if I included 'two part form on the web' and 'Outlook thing' that it would point out that I was indeed using Outlook. I was obviously completely wrong because two replies both asked what email client I am using. My apologies for getting off to a bad start. I promise to do better in future Mike
  14. MikeRG

    Email Submission

    Hi, I submitted 3 seperate spam emails as attachments but received an auto-responder reply saying that spamcop could not find the message section of the email. Is it something to do with the 'Explorer thing' or am I doing something wrong. When I submit the same item via the Spamcop two part form on the web, it works fine. Thanks for reading this. Mike