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  1. This is an old thread but great to see folks are searching and reading! Great to see you @Lking!
  2. noticed 2 things - 1. when I run a piece of spam through spamcop, I quickly get more spam. 2. when I post something here at spamcop forum, I quickly get more spam.
  3. I have shifted to removing most or all of the BODY before sending it to spamcop or uce. There is nothing in there that helps either find the source, but there is an increasing amount of my email addy, in partially munged form.
  4. a) but I HAVE lost my mind!!! b ) would have responded sooner but was out and about and (very intentionally) do not keep logon passwords on my phone. c) @Lking, you can hijack my threads any time you want and I hugely appreciate the time you and others spend here!!!!! Much appreciate your efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d) thanks for deleting it! It just cried out "give me your email address" so loudly that I had to laugh, and clicked "report post". Didn't want anyone to get hurt. Thanks to spamcop I am down to about 8/month - none in the last 2 weeks. Every now and then someone will get ahold of it and I will get 2 or 3 more. Have to be vigilant - vigilance and persistence pays!!! I still randomly send them additionally to uce. EDIT I do a lot of ebay from China and once in a great while I will get a thing showing up in gmail spam that is a result of one of the companies giving it to another, and an unsubscribe actually is safe and works. Thankfully is rare. Most spam with "unsubscribe" has obviously altered links so readers BE SURE before you try that. You can pretty much always tell by looking at the source html for the spam.
  5. in fact nothing at all since 21st... this is how superstitions get started... LOL
  6. It's interesting. On that one I reported it to SC but also reported a well munged copy to spam at uce . I have not seen another one of that genere - in fact nothing at all.
  7. Thanks! I think they're just copping out. LOL But I will keep reporting them to SC.
  8. Hi Lking - sorry for delay. here is one https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6248980266zebc6b0e0ced6e60e60662fa0e646f0f5z yeah on the karma... I'll report them.
  9. (about) The only spam I'm getting now are ones with no subject and when I try to report them they all go to devnull. I get about 1 a day. Yes, I could easily flush them since I'm gmail. a ) is it worth reporting? b ) why bother? THANKS! 147.247.x.x Nobis Tech China http://whois.domaintools.com/ http://whois.domaintools.com/
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you have to check for and mung email addys in headers and body, and also check for and mung the part before the [at] , ie if your addy is xyz[at]gmail.com - look for the addy, but then look for "xyz". Mung it. They are desperate to know who's responding. I also check it when I am reporting to make sure I don't find it in "view full message"
  11. oh I get a lot of devnull's - sometimes they are all devnull's for a particular piece of spam. I report back to spamcop anyway ("submit")! EDIT: there is never any point in hammering the poor soul whose web page was used by the spammer! Spamcop does this correctly imho.