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  1. Sorry about any confusion my postings may have caused. Have only frequented the forum on about 3 occasions in the past 10 years (2 of these in the past few days.) -- the first in December ... I managed to sort out the problem and did report to the forum to report the cure (black listing my [at]spamcop.net address.) my [at]spamcop.net address is NOT white BUT is blacklisted (I never use the address, so not a problem). my mailbox is the spamcop.net mail POP3 box which I collect with Pegasus I've checked the raw messages and find no references to white listing (for offending messages.) Here are a couple of tracking URLs (I hope this is what you mean) from the spamcop reports: Tracking link: ht tp://PHATFARMCLOT HINGCOMPANYONLINE.INFO/bQGbVUbGngQVgLLUQUnUQbXnOqVLgGU Tracking link: h ttp://www.at man.hr/joomla/plugins/Banking/cef/ Will keep collecting these if this helps. Walter Moderator Edit: URLs broken, First one is an "unsubscribe" link, the other, I'm not even going to try to guess at, offers a login for investments, etc, easy to assume some sort of phishing site .... No reason to visit either page, neither link being a Tracking URL.
  2. Hello Follow up on earlier message. 5 new messages this morning, 4 spam 1 real ! Here are the subject headings for the spam messages that got through spamcop: QuickLawn Grass Seed. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Dont break the bank with unforseen auto repairs. Extend your warranty today She opens her hole like a window. typewritist JOB OFFER/REGIONAL MANAGER!! Not sure how the spam filter at spamcop didn't catch these ?? Also, I have 55 pages on my white list, editing is a nightmare! Any way the list can be scanned for spammers or returned to zero for a fresh start? Walter This post was merged with existing topic. PM sent to poster
  3. Moderator edit: noting the lack of follow-up to a previous Topic, it only makes sense to merge this "new" Topic right back into the same user's previous 'new' Topic ... most of the answers are the same at this point. Lack of data is the primary issue as far as any attempt to 'help' ..... Hello I'm now getting more spam messages than real email in my mailbox. Is the Spamcop spam filter broken? Subject headings are obviously spam "enhancements" ... "pharmacy" etc. What gives?
  4. Hello Just to report that I am getting tons of spam daily (4-5 messages spam for every legit message) with the spammers using my own [at]spamcop.net email address. This seems to be a back door of sorts. I've tried putting my own email address[at]spamcop.net on my black list, but this doesn't seem to work (i.e. the blacklist wont work with my own [at]spamcop.net address ??) N.B. I do not use the [at]spamcop.net address as a return address, but forward mail from other addresses to the spamcop.net account for screening. Help! Walter
  5. Hello Can't get the "check all" function to work when held messages are loaded. Is this a snag with the new system? Please contact via email Walter