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  1. minime

    reports disabled for spam [at] uce dot org

    @klappa, IMHO the answer to your question could vary easily slip into a political discussion related to computer security in general, tolerance of other nations involvement in the US digital environment, etc. That said, there does seem to be a shift in priorities.
  2. minime

    SCF Email notification/s

    Just looked and "I" have received 3 email notices about posting in this thread. The system is a little slow so the notice for the last post from "LKing" has not arrived.
  3. minime

    Paypal spam Problem

    Never have. Did you enter your email?
  4. minime

    Paypal spam Problem

    That is not really true. If you control the email address associated with an account, Go to the login page, enter the email address, => click on "Having trouble Logging in?" => click "Next" PayPal will sent you an email with a link to help you change the password. I'm Just Saying...
  5. I don't know. I just did a submit on two spam, when I followed the links, the brief and full spam seemed to agree, and had my email address replaced with <x> as it should be. I did notice that there seemed to be a bit of a refresh, issue but when I clicked to send the report, and then looked at the sent report all looks well.
  6. Dave, Things are changing as we speak!
  7. The fix is as easy as any self induced error. The answer seems obvious, except as we all know from experience, it is not always that simple.
  8. C2H5OH, Yes, there are currently issues with spamcop reporting and the forum. My normal nom de plume is LKing. However, "LKing" can not access the forum, even to read entries to say noting of other moderator functions like deleting the spam that was added Friday. The-powers-that-be are aware, tickets have been opened, and we hope fixes are in the works. This all started with an unannounced security update last week relating, I'm guessing, to several current threads here. Standby.