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  1. Maybe try making a new account?
  2. I tried using the SORBES block list, but stopped after I noticed two things. When reporting spam, Spamcop would show the IP address is on the SORBES list, but still allowed to be sent to my server. The second thing was the SORBES block was blocking legitimate email not on their block list, PayPal, for example.
  3. From this tracking URL, I am getting It presented a "Report spam" button so I went ahead and clicked it
  4. KNERD

    [Resolved] forum domain problems

    I wonder it is was one of those DNS hacks?
  5. For many months now, I had been getting ten or more spams from their network. I would report each and every one of them, and would see the ports would go to poc@eonix.net or abuse@eonix.net. After about four months, and the spams still kept coming day after day despite reporting, I decided to just go ahead and block the IP range from which the spams would come from. That sure did stop eonix.net from sending anymore more; so I thought. A week later more spams would start arriving from eonix.net, Looking, I see they are coming from a new block of IP addresses at a different location. This has been repeating for a while now. Another reason I am asking if eonix.net is helping spammers is because these spams were not coming from the same IP address, but the next IP address in numerical sequence. Ten or more spams, all coming from the next number up in an IP address? I mean come on now, they have to be helping, right? Anyone know of their reputation? Here is another thing. For a while I decided to add the Sorbs Blacklist.The reason is because after each report for spam from eonix.net, I would see the IP address is on Sorbs. I have noticed it is easy to get listed on there and stay listed. So I add their blacklist, and guess what? The spam from eonix.net listed on Sorbs is still getting to my email server, but legit mail such as from PayPal is getting blocked by Sorbs! They in cahoots also?
  6. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Yeah, since I been blocking all of their IP ranges, it been quiet here from Eonix, and Layerhost. I guess I need to update my reject message as it is not very informative on why the message is being rejected. It been a few months since I got something from Google, but when I did a report, it was sent to abuse@gmail, or something like that. When was the last time you sent a report to Goolag? For AWS, yeah, they never do anything about that, so you just have to block their entire IP range. Though on a note, it's been a couple of years since I moved my emails server to a dedicated physical machine with a hosting provider for super cheap. I did not add AWS on this newer email server, and have gotten no spam from AWS at all.
  7. KNERD

    More and more DEVNULL reports

    devnull because of 1 of 3 reasons. 1) Does not want munged reports 2) No abuse address is available to sent reports to 3) Action has reported been taken against abuser, thus no more reports are needed, but you will see such a message in the report.
  8. KNERD

    Bad Forum link

    Even the link to the forum from the site map has an issue. It refers to am hhttps URL, but is broken
  9. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Thanks for that corrected information. I guess Layerhost must of spammed me a lot and did nothing after a lot of spam reports for me to block them. I do wonder why you are not getting any more spam from that Ip range. It does make me thing they did a list washing where they just make sure your email address (or server) is not getting spam anymore to stop your complaints. Meanwhile probably still continue to spam,.
  10. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Layerhost is a brand of Eonix. I am not sure about heficed.com. I must of been getting a lot of spam from them to block. Seems to be from Brazil
  11. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    I think all these belong to Eonix. They are entries in my email server blacklist.
  12. KNERD

    Help for tracking spammer

    You can always look up the IP address and report it to the hosting service
  13. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    Update, the eonix.net site is back up. It seems one of their brands is serverhub.com so report eh crap out of them
  14. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    The odd thing is, whois is reporting the domain does not expire until 2022: Looks like it was renewed on the 15th of this month. The fact that the domain is being redirected to enom site, tells me the registrar probably renewed on their behalf. It is my understanding that registrars can do domain registration/renewal and not get charged up to 30 days, thus can cancel the registration. I learned about that after accidentally running running into accusations about GoDaddy stealing domain names when using their domain search/registry tool. If you waited too long to click BUY, the domain would be gone, and registered through GoDaddy, and already up for sale for a much higher price. I guess we can check back in February to see what happens. If it is available, I will certainly snatch it up to try to put them out of business for a while. For enoix, it needs a perma ban. After blocking all of eonix IP ranges, just today, I finally got a new batch of spam. Not directly from eonix, but layerhost. I know it is the same spammer because they have some URLs being hosted on eonix IP addresses. Very few small businesses host their own email servers, and tend to reply on companies like Google and Microsoft for that. If anyone hosts their own email server, and is worried about blocking important email from coming in. There are guides online which show you how to block IP addresses and how you can put in a custom rejection message which will appear in their email client inbox.
  15. KNERD

    OVH.Net spam ?

    If Gmail is rejecting the emails, then there will be a notice in the rejection email as to why, and what you can do about it.
  16. KNERD

    OVH.Net spam ?

    Are you running your own mail server?
  17. KNERD

    OVH.Net spam ?

    The only way to know is to test. For Hotmail/Outlook, from my own email server, they messages go to spam. WHy? I do not know as other legit email even goes there. I even see Microsoft's own email going to spam. However, if there is a real problem with your email, it will outright reject the email with a notice as to why, and what to do. For Google, it never rejects email. During some testing, I have seem spammers emails goes to spam folder, but during my own initial testing with email server, the email just outright goes into a black hole. I finally got the emails through after some tweaks to my own server. If anyone is having issue with running their email server, then I suggest people use online tools available to test for potential problems which can get your email through.
  18. KNERD

    OVH.Net spam ?

    I believe spamcop is having less of an impact on spam these days than is did before for the following reasons: Less people reporting. Nearly 100% of the time I report spam, I am seeing the IP address not on the spamcop blocklist (and most others). So what is the point in using the spamcop blocklist if nothing is being blocked? Too many devulls to abuse email accounts. Very few ISPs bothering to take action. Probably because of item #1 in combination with very few of their customers getting bounces about being blocked, so they cannot complain about something which never happens. Maybe it's time to lower the reporting threshold, and put an IP address on the block list longer? It's gotten so bad, I have just outright started blocking IP address ranges of service providers when I get spam from them 2-3 times in a row. This means they are not going to take action, thus need to be blocked
  19. I did go back and try, and it was then finding the IP address of the old message, but more than 48 hours had passed
  20. Yes it is static IP address. Just reported email again. It is not obtaining the IP address again,
  21. No changes to the server. I even redid the mail host for it just now. Still same result
  22. I am getting the same thing as of today, and I am my own email provider https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6650350477z80b0fce72a3dcf5024577c98ea9276cfz https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6650350591z4d1415e917292ee52ab3f7832ae5fa40z
  23. *67 does not really block your Caller ID if you are using a large commercial service such as AT&T,or others similar. The CID is just masked in which there are ways to unmask it.
  24. KNERD

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    I have been using Thunderbird email client. I have since discovered it is using Spamassassin.. It never did stop any of those coming from Eonix.net. Though I do see it is stopping some spam, as noted with the spam in the Junk folder. None of which has ever been from Eonix.net IP blocks. On the other hand, I have seemed to of blocked all of Eonix.net as I have not gotten a single spam from them since my last posting.
  25. How about this guy? The Thunderbird client has it already included, and will sent it to your junk folder (if it detects the email as spam).