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  1. Yes, this is an old thread, but useful information to add.

    I have never received  a single op in from Spamchimp, but yet have continued to get spammed by them nearly on a daily basis from unknown persons/entities.

    What I ended up doing to fight spam chimp is to setup my own email server. Using their own IP "whitelist" people can use to "make sure our [spammy] emails get to you," I turned it into a IP range blacklist with a nasty message using Postfix.


    Now running my own server, I have run into a different breed of spammers. Those working from home sending me spam from their business class cable powered Internet such  as from Verizon, and  Comcast. I reported them through Spamcop, and blocked specific IP instead of the IP range. Their providers don't seem to care, so I have ended up blocking entire IP ranges, which I hate to do, but each day, the same persons are sending similar emails, just getting a slightly different IP number.

  2. I setup my own server.


    When adding I am getting an error.

    Sorry, all tests failed.

    We cannot deliver mail to the address you provided: me@at.com. Double check the address provided or try again later. Your mailhost appears to be offline.

    Detailed errors:

    Connecting to mail.netservisity.com.:
    smtpSend:smtpEnvelope (service@admin.spamcop.net, trent@netservisity.com): smtpTo rcpt to:me@at.com (450 4.7.1 : Helo command rejected: Host not found )

    Sometimes, mailservers are temporarilly unavailable. If you believe you have entered your email address and other details correctly, you might just wait a few minutes (or 24 hours) and try again.


    Server has been up for a month, or so and been sending/receiving mail just fine.


    Why is this indicating offline?




  3. The reports mostly going to devull is because originator of the email domain, and the IP number owner  are one in  the same according to ARIN.

    I guess stuff from everyone! Wayfare com , Gamestop (someone opened a rewards account with my email address in the store), ESPN, CBS Sports, Reader's Digest (Someone got a sub from them and I get spam from them) , University of Oklahoma (Someone went to school there, now they spam me)...I even get email from state of Ohio concerning application for concealed handgun permit, and nursing licensing.

    The reports go to the trash, and the report threshold never activate any block.


  4. It seems I have a very poplar email address, and I often get emails from people thinking it is someone else, and unconfirmed subscribe requests on a daily basis, and it is getting worse all the time. I report this UCE everyday, but it always goes to devnull, and so few people reporting the spam it does nothing to help the spam problem, thus Spamcop has become utterly useless, and wastes my time in reporting

    How about taking this so-called "legitimate" spam more serious, and take more drastic measures such as automatic block on those who refuse munged reports?

    I am at the point where I need to just stop reporting any spam to Spamcop all together since it is doing nothing to curb spam, and close down that email account I have had for over 10 years.










    I had been getting a ton of spam from this address which the abuse contact was abuse[at]sendgrid.com.

    Now they are getting DevNulled.. Instead of sending to trash, reports then should go higher up the chain to combat this growing problem. My spam is skyrocket s from so-called "legitimate" spammers.

    Per Softlayer's policy

    "SoftLayer reserves the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time should any form of network abuse be verified to take place via the peering interconnect such as denial of service attacks (DOS), unsolicited bulk email (spam), or setting default-route to SoftLayer."


    I short chat with them, and they state "You can send your complaint and findings to abuse[at]softlayer.com. They will investigate and suspend the customer's servers if they can verify your claim."




  6. In my case, maybe using the Notes section did work. I normally would have received the first email from Lord and Taylor by now. It normally arrives about 7:30 AM local time.

    I have yet to get today's email, however upon closely examining the past emails because of the post above this one from hank, I do see it has a unique identifier. Thus I feel I was probably just removed from the mailing list, rather than punitive action was taken. 


  7. OKay, so for the past month I have been getting spam from a Lord and Taylor (domain is the same but with a .com at the end).

    I get a spam from the twice a day; in the morning, and the afternoon. I report it, and resolves to Qwest (Now CenturyLink)

    Apparently this is a case of someone had entered the incorrect email address, then which started spamming me, without any confirmation.

    If nothing is going to be resolved with my reporting this, then it seems spam reporting altogether just is a waste of my time.

    Unless, more can be done?

    Thanks for any tips, and hints in the matter.

    Latest spam report id 6444298183