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  1. nhraj700

    HabuL & Thunderbird v60.0.3

    I found when I upgraded Thunderbird from the v59 series to V60, Thunderbird disabled HabuL. I am puzzled how you even were able to use HabuL to send an inline attachment as I couldn't load it at all. Anyhow, like you, I bounced back to v59 immediately until I discovered a way to trick Thunderbird. Take the original habul-1.21.0-sm.xpi installation add-on file and copy it to one say habul-1.21.0-smThunderbird60.xpi. Open the newly copied package with 7-zip and look for a file named install.rdf. Edit it within the 7-zip program. Look for a installation statement <em:maxVersion>38.*</em:maxVersion> and change it to <em:maxVersion>69.*</em:maxVersion> 69 is an arbitrary number that will hopefully carry us along through the line of security updates. Don't know how long it will work for us though??? I think I just reinstalled the update right over the top of 59. But removing the add-on and reinstalling should work too. I also like to ensure Thunderbird is configured to send as Attachment as a default as I do other things spam related without habul.. Tools>Composition>General "tab">As Attachment. Hope this helps!
  2. nhraj700

    HabuL & Thunderbird v60.0.3

    I'm running HabuL 1.21.0 with Thunderbird 60.3.0 (32-bit) on Windows 10 64bit with no issues. I did have to use a kludge to trick Thunderbird from not disabling it however.
  3. nhraj700

    Is Google even paying attention to Spamcop?

    Why is Spamcop sending it to the wrong address? Is there a procedure for asking SpamCop to fix it? I am running into several of these from 209 domain addresses from Google also. Just curious how we can get this rectified.
  4. I just sent a complaint via that feedback function. Thanks for that tip. Tired of modifying headers.
  5. nhraj700

    KnujOn shutting down

    Posted in case anyone is interested. Received this email this morning. Dear Member, On 22 May 2018 Knujon.net will cease accepting forwarded samples and the server will be shut down. Coldrain-related servers will also cease forwarding samples as well. The site Knujon.com will remain active and continue to publish updates to reports as well as maintain documents as an archive repository. The KnujOn project, for several reasons, will be winding down and completing its work. As many may suspect we do not have the resources required to maintain this project. However, KnujOn has largely achieved what it set out to do. Fifteen years ago my father, Dr. Robert Bruen, and I started KnujOn principally as a research project. The project was intended to test and evaluate the overall Internet infrastructure as it pertains to consumer abuse and systemic subversion. We have collected enough information to draw fundamental conclusions. Our final findings will be published and our members will have access to detailed analysis. Our research started as a technical endeavor but quickly became political (political in the broad sense of different groups competing for control of resources and influence). The political situation evolved into a criminal one and eventually into a clear problem of corruption and abuse of public trust as well as power. While KnujOn has been able to fix a number of problems within the Internet architecture, the core issue is beyond our ability to address. We have neither the resources to deliver the solutions that are truly needed nor to deliver the kind of user experience KnujOn members deserve. With that being said, our work is in fact successful and you have a lot to be proud of. All of this will be fully documented in our final report. On the technical side you should start seeing your report refreshed. Our service provider, without prior notice, switched the operating system of our key publishing server. This small change caused all of our uploads to fail or be overwritten with blank data. We were not aware of this problem for some time and fixing it was difficult because there were no actual errors in our code. This has been corrected and all samples received before 22nd will be processed and analyzed. Statistics and other report publishing will begin again now that this problem with our hosting company has been identified. In this effort we continue to support you, but the collection and processing of additional samples beyond this are not required to support the conclusions we have already reached. I know you may have been frustrated by our lack of progress and response, trust that no one is more frustrated than I am. Everything we have done was for the public good and with the best intent. We thank everyone for their dedication and participation in this project and hope you will find our final report useful. -Garth at Knujon.com
  6. nhraj700

    KnujOn shutting down

    Just a heads up for anyone forwarding spam to KnujOn.com, they are shutting down their servers. I am posting what they posted on their servers recently as I was receiving error messages back from their mail server the last few days. One less effort in the fight. Dear KnujOn members, friends and visitors, This project will cease accepting samples from the public on 22 May 2018. The knujon.net will stop accepting email samples and the server will be shut down. The servers at coldrain.net will stop forwarding email. knujon.org will cease accepting new memberships and donations as of 8 March 2018. knujon.com will remain active to maintain historical information about the project but no sample data will be accepted. All currently held samples and all samples accepted up until 22 May 2018 will be processed. This research was started by Dr. Robert Bruen and Garth Bruen in 2003. After 15 years we have reached clear fundamental conclusions concerning the management of the Internet, findings which are neither pleasing nor surprising. We have taken this work as far as we can at this stage. A final comprehensive report of KnujOn findings will be published and maintained at knujon.com. We thank everyone for their dedication and participation in this project and hope you will join us when we start our next project which will be based on KnujOn findings. The details of this further research will be announced on knujon.com.
  7. nhraj700

    Spamcop cannot find source IP

    I received this same kind of message today and thanks to PETZL I have successfully submitted it. Thanks PETZL!!
  8. nhraj700

    Parsing never completes, no Submit button

    Lking, I did read other posts, but was not clear if my issue was the same problem. Thank you for your response.
  9. nhraj700

    Parsing never completes, no Submit button

    Why can't I submit this? Failed Report
  10. nhraj700

    error: couldn't parse head

    Thanks lisati! As long as it is working. This isn't an isolated case. Almost all of the spam recently is generating this error.
  11. nhraj700

    Nobody home at LimeStoneNetworks

    I too am getting a ton of spam from or hosted by these idiots. I have been sending reports through Spamcop to Limestone for two months. It appears no one is looking at that email abuse address. Here is one from today. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6380693368z56a89faa1e6d741e9383c53f40b54b8cz These guys are not out of reach from US authorities so why aren't they being dealt with? It's not like they are from Russia or China.
  12. Hello, When sending spam directly to Spamcop, I get the subject message. I read the More information on this error.. and concluded to avoid the error do this, " The best way to submit spam to SpamCop is by forwarding it as an attachment to your unique submission address - shown above the submission form on your personal start page." Well I am doing this and still get the error. Is there anything I am missing or is this out of my control now? Is this spam still being reported to the administrators? This is coming mostly from Gmail, but occasionally Hotmail. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6380768477z0c81c0b5720b01d4552628d022b4075az https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6380763504zc82d178f4e41951d7c1d93b77ae46228z
  13. nhraj700

    Explanation of this spam and devnull!

    Thanks for the detailed answer. I don't quite understand every aspect of this, but I take it most of it is forged IP addresses? Also it is a Microsoft account that I have. Why would Microsoft be a cause of the "weirdness"?
  14. nhraj700

    Explanation of this spam and devnull!

    My ISP is Charter and this particular email account is Hotmail/Outlook. Does either use the SCBL?
  15. Hello, If someone has the time, could you please look at the following links and tell me if these reports are just going to some bit bucket. For months now I have been getting spam that always links to nocix dot net. But it appears the administrator of the IP block where the sender is located is never notified because of this devnull thingy. I report everyday to UCE dot GOV, knujon and spamcop, but these keep coming. Doesn't appear to slow them down. I always look in the statistics section to see if I see others are reporting this outfit, but never have seen it reported. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment!! https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6351030473z7f0e5d8f8612c0d9f263f767bbbb3ab2z https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6350895292z2e1c59d04d27d3632b881846c0d8c98az https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6350836906ze8b6ba64cae535dbf765ca30bf7301f2z https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6350638647z7f3d0e6c790a03419b03f0bbbd324033z