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  1. @spamtrap63 Shoestring budget? "SpamCop is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco" since 2015. Cisco sales were $49,000,000,000 in 2016
  2. Still getting spam from (mainsleaze?) which is devnulled. I've put together some upstream abuse addresses (from for those that are looking for them: Tracking #s:
  3. Tracking URL: The database seems to have conflicting information. First it says it found, then it says no email addresses found.: Here is the parser output, much the same:
  4. Hi, I noticed that is being devnulled. "( ) To:" Is there a method to determine why? I would like to know if escalating the spam report to their ISP would be appropriate. Looks like it's reaching me through their feed from "" Thanks.