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  1. @spamtrap63 Shoestring budget? "SpamCop is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco" since 2015. Cisco sales were $49,000,000,000 in 2016
  2. Hi, I noticed that is being devnulled. "( ) To:" Is there a method to determine why? I would like to know if escalating the spam report to their ISP would be appropriate. Looks like it's reaching me through their feed from "" Thanks.
  3. Still getting spam from (mainsleaze?) which is devnulled. I've put together some upstream abuse addresses (from for those that are looking for them: Tracking #s:
  4. Tracking URL: The database seems to have conflicting information. First it says it found, then it says no email addresses found.: Here is the parser output, much the same: