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  1. Hello Spamcop Community,

    When I worked for a datacenter for 3 years, never can I remember that there was a policy by Spamcop themselves to prohibit forwarding of spam evidence to the registered customer who owns either an IP or a site that was spamvertsed. 

    Now, the datacenter where the company I work for now is hosted, is stating, and I quote with name redacted:


    -----Forwarded Message-----

    This report originated from SpamCop. SpamCop forbids forwarding evidence
    directly to our customers. This restriction is in place to prevent spam
    operations from being able to contact people who report spam or
    unsubcribe them to falsely reduce complaint volume.

    We have included only the IP address of the server that was mentioned in
    the report.  If a URL was found, we have included only the domain name.

    We are unable to forward the full report. However, upon request, we may
    be able to provide some additional information as long as it is not
    possible to identify the reporting user from it, such "X-PHP-scri_pt"
    headers or full URLs to phishing scams.

    For more details on SpamCop report handling, please see:




    Has policy changed in a year since I directly worked for a different datacenter? Is our datacenter blowing smoke?