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    Is SPAMcop dead (please)?

    Curious - the email recipient to whom this email was sent is my father. He has not changed his ISP for over a decade, and neither have I. I also write to him at least once per day as I have done for over 20 years. Obviously this is my fault (according to this SPAMcop rubbish). I must be a vicious email spammer (according to this system) and it is up to me to sort this mess out (according to this system). My IP address is static and has NEVER been reported as I do not engage in email marketing. According to your own reporting system (a bigger joke I have yet to see) the IP address that SpamCop seems to have an issue with is Apple's .me domain. My IP address is not even in the equation here so why should it be up to me to prove anything? The reason I get so incensed by this cavalier attitude by self-important BS artists such as this is that it is always an innocent person (or people) affected and not the very targets you seek to remove. I should never have to "... work with their email host ..." simply to justify my own systems or that of my father's. It is obvious that your so-called reporting system is the focus of the issue. How you obtain your data that leads to someone else effectively having service denied is illegal. You have summarily passed judgement and carried out sentence without the other side (me) having a single word in defence. In law, it is not possible to prove a negative, so how am I supposed to prove innocence. I must ask you to prove the source of your data that has led to this situation or I demand that your faulty systems are shut down until you fix your faults. No police force is beyond the law and your system denying legitimate users of the service for which we pay is illegal. If you prove that I am a source of spam, then go through proper, legal channels and YOU work with ISPs to prove what you are saying. If not, then shut down this system.
  2. Having used my email system for years without issue, and not changing my ISP at all, I get an email this morning claiming that one of Apple's servers has been declared as a source of spam. It is not my IP address (which is static and never changes), it is most certainly one of Apple's servers (a simple WHOIS checked this), but SPAMcop (something I had never heard of) is making a fuss and blocking my sent email to certain addresses. This forum looks as though it has had virtually no activity in a year, which looks to me as if this whole platform is about as much use as its spurious messages. Anyone able to point me to the right real person with whom to speak please (oh and yes, I did do all your so-called help and found that your system is saying you are not blocking when the return messages are coming from SPAMcop). Just so that we can be sure of the message I received, here it is without the sensitive stuff: Original-envelope-id: ******************@st11p00im-asmtp003.me.com Reporting-MTA: dns;st11p00im-asmtp003.me.com (tcp-daemon) Arrival-date: Sat, 13 Aug 2016 11:52:04 +0000 (GMT) Original-recipient: rfc822;*******@ntlworld.com Final-recipient: rfc822;*******@ntlworld.com Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 (Rejection greeting returned by server.) Remote-MTA: dns;mx.tb.ukmail.iss.as9143.net (TCP||35502||25) Diagnostic-code: smtp;550 mx1.tb.ukmail.iss.as9143.net bizsmtp Connection rejected. Your IP is in RBL. Please see https://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? It is my profound hope that self-appointed systems such as this will be outlawed before much longer. I am sick to death of being blocked by systems that are unfit for purpose such as this.