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  1. was this problem with receiving linkedin confirmation messages ever resolved? because i am having the same issue. i've been using spamcop through the webmail interface, so it can't be any problem with my isp like petzl suggested.
  2. chriscapoccia

    Error Couldn't Parse Head

    the to and subject lines are malformed. it should look like
  3. chriscapoccia

    [Resolved] X-SpamCop-Disposition header

    now that i have greylisting enabled, i see only a handful of spam messages a day. before i had hundreds of spam messages a day. so now that i have very little spam to look at, there isn't much of a pattern to make a filter or to evaluate blacklists.
  4. chriscapoccia

    [Resolved] X-SpamCop-Disposition header

    thanks. i turned on greylisting, and i think that's making a big difference. the description for greylisting could use some improvement that explains for the non-technical user how confident they could be that false positives would only be delayed. in block lists, i had only selected spam assassin limit 5 and the spamcop blocklist before. i added block russian and the composite blocking list, but it seems like the greylist is catching stuff first because very little is getting into held mail.
  5. chriscapoccia

    [Resolved] X-SpamCop-Disposition header

    ok, maybe the root question didn't come out so clear… I'll try again. How do I get more of these obvious spam messages to go directly into held mail? Why is spam assassin only giving the first two examples a hit value of 0.1? I can recognize them as spam immediately. There are even some worse ones like this that only get a hit value of 0.0: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4951938645z7...82fa28724e1367z Does spam assassin just have very few rules for dealing with non-English spam?
  6. What does the header X-SpamCop-Disposition mean? Is this a header spamcop should be adding to every mail? I've been noticing that some definitely spammy mails don't have this header and get left in my inbox instead of going to Held mail. here are two examples: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4951814313zf...bf4db1a4e6411cz http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4951814315zd...7a2edeb715eda8z here's another example that does have the X-SpamCop-Disposition header and was sent to Held mail: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4951814325z1...e25b88c7a5fd4cz All three of these are in the koi8-r character set. I don't know if there is any connection, but I have seen other people posting about issues with spam identification for that char set. For some reason, almost all of my spam is in a non-english character set and most of it is koi8-r. I'm sure the spammers don't care, but I have no chance of even understanding what they're trying to hawk.
  7. chriscapoccia

    confused isp

    This is the latest response from copper.net:
  8. chriscapoccia

    confused isp

    i called and spoke with angel. i told her the error message text and she was also able to get the error message herself. she gave me a ticket number and told me the network folks would be looking into it. she said there was some other person that contacted them with the same problem (maybe it was wazoo; maybe another copper.net customer), and she had already started to look into the problem.
  9. chriscapoccia

    confused isp

    the message is: i'll call them and see if this can get sorted out. well, i haven't had any problems for years. i'd rather get the situation fixed than go through the trouble of changing isps. i sent them the output from hexillion.
  10. chriscapoccia

    confused isp

    has anyone else ever had a response like this?
  11. anyway, a solution that seems to work for now is creating the mail on hotmail's webmail system. i added my spamcop address as the default "from" address, so i hope replies will come back to my spamcop address and not the hotmail one, as i don't usually check it.
  12. there is a second part to this message from hotmail with a little bit more info: the lumping of the vague "spam-like characteristics" with "IP/domain reputation problems" is completely unhelpful, but i'm pretty sure i was writing a normal mail through spamcop's webmail system.
  13. chriscapoccia

    Spamcop Headers at third line

    I’m a little confused by your description of potential differences, but I went to my trash folder and looked at the message source for the email in question. They looked exactly the same except that in the copy in my trash, on the second line, “Delivered-To:” includes my email address. …or are you talking about something different?
  14. chriscapoccia

    Spamcop Headers at third line

    Yes. the first link (http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z818142446z62...;action=display) is the unmodified email that i recieved using the spamcop webmail interface. It showed up in my held mail just the way you see it.
  15. chriscapoccia

    Spamcop Headers at third line

    I didn't realize that the missing line between body and header was causing the other errors. Still, this is different from the other spams I've recieved that are missing that line. In those cases, the spamcop headers were at the very end of the message (at the first blank line). In this case they are near the beginning, so it seems like they were inserted by the sender.