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  1. Hi, I’ve not been looking forward to the day they implemented this on my account but Microsoft did it this week. Spammer links/URLs are now embedded within a new string/link which Microsoft has replaced the original link with. Users cannot disable this unwarranted, unwanted change. It means a user cannot review the link easily before visiting the webpage, but it also means SpamCop doesn’t seem able to identify the site. So now reports are suggested for the host/reverse proxy provider :( Are there any plans to take care of this on the SpamCop side? Otherwise it requires people like I to identify the link within the Microsoft mess, copy that, remove the % handling for forward slash characters, open another instance of the SpamCop page and use that to get the reporting address/IP of the spamvertized site etc, then come back to the original page and add a user report address. example: (Thanks Microsoft for messing this up but not actually reducing the spam junk I get from the same criminal’s...)